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Working from home: Finding the right home for your lifestyle

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    Societally, the way we work has undergone a significant evolution … especially in recent years. We’ve transitioned from a full-time, in-person work week to many of us now having the option to work from home or experience a hybrid work style that allows for the best of both worlds. The impact of this transformation isn’t exclusive to our professional lives, but also personal lives — maybe even influencing the space we call home.

    Whether it’s designing living spaces to accommodate remote work or contemplating a move to somewhere better suited to this emerging work landscape, the concept of “working from home” has taken on a significant meaning for many. If you’ve experienced a similar work-life transition and are looking for ways to find the perfect balance, keep reading for inspiration on ideal work-from-home living features.

    Best work-from-home features

    No matter the environment, the best work-from-home features will depend on your specific needs and what you’ve got to work with. Perhaps you live in a cozy apartment in the heart of the city, or a more spacious suburban home. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. In any case, here are some features to consider that could help make your work-from-home experience the best it can be:

    For city living

    • Compact office nook: In a limited space, having a dedicated office nook might make all the difference, even if it’s a small corner of your bedroom. There are wall-mounted or fold-out desks that can be stowed away when not in use. Furniture companies are moving with the work-from-home trend as well, and designing multi-functional pieces that pull double duty as storage and your workspace.
    • Effective storage space: When it comes to optimizing and creating a multifunctional space, storage is everything. If you’re living in a small space, thinking vertically is key — consider shelves or floating cabinets to keep your workspace clutter-free.
    • Natural lighting: If you’re looking for a new space, consider finding a spot with plentiful natural lighting, as it helps make a space feel bigger, brightens the room and potentially even boosts your mood and productivity.
    • Noise-canceling: If you live in a busy neighborhood, noise-canceling features may be your next best friend. Noise pollution can be a significant discomfort when working from home and (attempting) to be productive. Noise-cancelling headphones or white noise machines may help drown out the music of the world when you’re not looking to hear it.

    For suburban homes

    • A dedicated home office: Now that you work from home, you may be wondering what to do about your workspace. If your home allows, consider setting up a dedicated home office in a spare room. Perhaps your kids’ toy room is no longer needed and due for a makeover. If you’re on the house hunt, you may want to keep the need for this extra space in the back of your mind.
    • Outdoor spaces: In today’s world, it’s possible to take your Wi-Fi with you wherever you go, meaning one of the best places to work might be the great outdoors. If that sounds appealing, you may want to look for a home with a patio, backyard or deck that can be used when you want a breath of fresh air.
    • High-speed internet: While a good internet connection is helpful wherever you live, if you do reside in a suburban or rural area it may be even more important to ensure your Wi-Fi is up to speed as repairs may not be available right away. Choosing a reliable network may be one of the most vital investments you can make for a work from home setup.
    • Consider expanding: If your home is crowded or you don’t have a spare space to dedicate to an office, consider expanding your home. If you’ve built up some equity, you may be able to tap into that value by taking out a home equity loan to finance your renovations.

    Keep in mind, the best work from home features are the ones that work with your lifestyle, your work style and your resources. Regardless of where you live, any effort towards optimizing your workspace is one worth celebrating.

    In summary

    In our modern work world, the opportunity to combine your home with your workspace is a pursuit many can relate to. Whether you’re working from home in a big city or planning an office space in the suburbs, finding the right home for your personal and professional lifestyle may just be more important now than ever.

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