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Help keep your money safe when using Zelle®

Help keep your money safe when using Zelle®

Tips for using Zelle®

Zelle® is a fast and convenient way to send and receive money., But knowing when to use Zelle® can help protect yourself and your money.

Only send money to those you know and trust, like friends and family

It's important to only use Zelle® to send money to people you trust with a U.S. bank account because once you send it, you most likely can't get it back if something goes wrong.


Before you “send it now,” ask yourself:

  • How well do I really know the person I’m sending money to?
  • How certain am I that I will receive what I’m paying for?

Before using Zelle®, it's important to know:

Zelle® is not intended for purchases of goods from:

  • Retailers
  • Online marketplaces
  • Social media platforms

Zelle® and Chase do not provide protections if you make a purchase for goods using Zelle® and:

  • You don’t receive the item or
  • The item comes damaged or
  • The item is not as described or expected

Stop and ask yourself:

  • Am I sure this online ad isn’t fake?
  • Am I OK not having any purchase protection?

Get to know the common scams

Scammers try every trick in the book to get you to send money quickly because once they have your money, chances are you can’t get it back.

Social Media Marketplace Scams

Scammers try luring you in on social media with the promise of great concert tickets, adorable puppies or steep discounts for items.

Fake Listings and Property Scams

Scammers advertise homes or apartments for sale or rent, including vacation rentals on major sites but they don't exist when you show up.

Investment Scams

They’ll approach you with lucrative-sounding investment deals, including fake crypto apps and websites that look like legitimate investment companies.

Social Media Service Ads

Bad actors post ads for services, promising to get a job done, such as a home repair that won’t be performed.

False Urgency

Scammers want you to act right away and create a false sense of urgency. They'll say there is an actual emergency so that you'll send money before you’ve had a chance to think.



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