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Everything you need to know about United Club one-time passes

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    Regardless of how often you travel, airport lounge access can be a pleasurable, relaxing retreat ahead of your flight. Having somewhere with comfort and amenities you can escape to could make a real difference in your travel experience.

    With over 45 locations around the world, a United Club® lounge can be a pleasant place to wait for your plane to depart. If this piques your interest, read on to learn about United Club® one-time passes, United Club® lounges, and how you can access them.

    What is a United Club one-time pass?

    A United Club one-time pass provides an individual admission to any United Club lounge location. The pass is good for a single use and does not include admission for guests. Children under 2 years old may accompany someone with a one-time pass into a United Club lounge. The expiration date will be printed on one-time passes, and they are not refundable, sellable or transferrable.

    What United lounges do I get access to with a one-time pass?

    You can access over 45 United Club lounge locations around the world with a one-time pass. Entry will also require a same-day boarding pass for a United, Star Alliance or a contracted partner-operated flight. One-time passes are not usable at United Arrivals Lounges or United Polaris lounges, which are also run by United Airlines.

    Standard amenities in a United Club lounge include Wi-Fi, food and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Many United Club lounge locations also have full-service bars that serve select beer, wine and spirits.

    How to get a United Lounge one-time pass

    You can buy a one-time pass on the United mobile app, which is also handy to have if you need to view or manage your flight information. If you have a United Explorer card, you can receive 2 one-time passes after account opening, as well as after each anniversary of that account opening as long as the card remains open.

    How much is a United club one-time pass?

    As of May 2023, a United one-time pass costs $59 per person. The pass grants entry for one person into any United Club lounge. Guests cannot accompany the person with the one-time pass, but children under the age of 2 may.

    Other ways to access United Club lounges

    Some United credit cards provide a United Club membership to cardmembers. This membership can provide access to United Club lounges. If you have either a United Club Business Card or United Club Infinite Card, you can receive a United Club membership and use it to access United Club lounges.

    If you don't already have a United credit card, the available cards to choose from feature various benefits you could enjoy in addition to United Club lounge access.

    In summary

    If you're looking for somewhere enjoyable to wait for a United, Star Alliance or affiliated partner's flight, consider a United Club one-time pass. Each location around the world offers a place you can work, relax or both. One-time passes are available for purchase in the United app and provide entry for one person to any United Club lounge location.

    Although one-time passes may enhance your journey, frequent flyers may prefer a United Club membership. This membership provides more than one-time access to United Club lounges and is offered as a benefit of some United credit cards. Review the benefits of different United cards to help you decide which one may be an ideal choice and consider applying today.

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