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Schedule K-1s & Partnership Securities

Welcome to the 2019 Tax Center

We provide you with tax forms, statements and important information to help you prepare for tax season. The information below lets you know when you can expect to receive required tax forms for your investment, deposit and mortgage accounts, as well as other important information you may need to prepare your 2019 tax returns.

Some tax forms are available on the "Tax Documents" page. Sign in to access your forms.


Schedule K-1s are forms for partnership securities delivered by the issuer of the security. Please note Schedule K-1s and other important tax information related to interests in partnerships and other similar entities may be mailed to you during the year. For Chase-related or J.P. Morgan-related partnerships, clients should consult with their advisor to determine estimated mailing dates for Schedule K-1s.   

Please don't submit K-1 Forms issued for your IRA accounts back to Chase or J.P. Morgan unless otherwise requested.