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You can make your mortgage payment for free in many convenient ways

Chase offers many ways to pay your mortgage

Ways to pay your home lending account

Sign in to make your payment

 You can make your mortgage or line of credit payment for free in many convenient ways

Automatic payments 


  • Set up a payment to be automatically withdrawn each month from your checking/savings account, even if your accounts are with other banks.
  • Pay additional principal to pay down your balance faster.
  • Change your payment amount or cancel it within three business days of the date it’s scheduled to be made.
  • Avoid missing your payment and a possible late fee.
  • Have your payment amount automatically adjusted if there’s a change in your escrow or your interest rate (for escrowed, adjustable-rate mortgages or line of credit accounts).

Getting started

Sign up using either of these two ways:


  • Enroll or sign in to your account at
  • Click the Automatic Payment “Set Up” link in your mortgage or line of credit account details.
  • Choose your payment options.
  • Receive confirmation that you’ve enrolled.


mobile device

One-time payment

Why use one-time payment

  • Lets you schedule a one-time payment from your Chase checking/savings account or accounts you have at other banks.
  • Allows you flexibility to pay additional principal to pay down your balance faster or direct a payment to escrow.

First-time setup

  • If making a payment from your Chase checking or savings account, follow these steps:
    • Sign in to your account at and choose the “Pay & transfer” option, then select "Pay bills."
    • Select your Chase mortgage or line of credit account.
    • Schedule your payment.
  • If making a payment from a non-Chase bank account, follow these steps:
    • When registering a non-Chase bank account to make a payment for the first time, use a computer (not a mobile device).
    • On the "Pay & transfer" tab select "Pay bills." Next choose "Pay-from accounts" and then "External accounts.”  
    • Add your external bank account that you’ll use to make a payment to your Chase mortgage or line of credit.

Making your one-time payment

  • When your first-time setup for payments is complete, go to the "Pay & transfer" tab, then select the "Pay bills" section to set payments using or the "Pay bills" section on the Chase Mobile® app.
  • A confirmation number will appear onscreen indicating your payment has been scheduled.
  • You will also receive a confirmation message by email.

Important to know

  • You must use a computer (not a mobile device) to first register any external account.
  • You must register your external account specifically for a Chase mortgage or line of credit payment, even if you already use that same external account for payments to other Chase products, such as a Chase credit card.
  • After registering the external account, you can use the Chase Mobile app for one-time payments to your Chase mortgage or line of credit account.

More ways to pay

Paying online from other banks

  • Visit your bank’s website and follow directions for their online payment program.
  • Don’t use this method if you want to make additional principal or escrow payments. The best way to make additional principal or escrow payments is to set up automatic payments or use Bill Pay on or the Chase Mobile® app.

Note: If your payment amount changes due to an adjustment in your escrow or interest rate (for escrowed and/or adjustable-rate mortgages only), a recurring payment service from other banks won’t automatically update, meaning you could pay too much or too little. You can avoid this by signing up for automatic payments on or at your local Chase branch.

Check or money order

  • Mail a check/money order with your payment coupon to the address listed on your statement or visit your local Chase branch.
  • Send your payment 5-7 business days to allow ample time to reach us before it's due.
  • Indicate on your coupon if you’re making additional principal or escrow payments.

Note: Paying by check or money order doesn’t provide confirmation that we received your payment until you get your next statement.

Payment by phone

  • Call our automated service at 1-833-PayChase (1-833-729-2427).
  • Have the routing and transit numbers available from your Chase checking account or an account from another bank that you’re using for the payment.
  • Receive a confirmation number once your payment is complete.