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All Mobile Banking

Finn banking card and Finn App on mobile device



Meet Finn by Chase, your new, all mobile bank. When you download Finn, you can open a checking and savings account right in the app, do all your classic bank stuff, and use some shiny new tools to help you take control of your money. And it’s all backed by the safety and security of Chase.

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Finn helps you take charge of your money so you do the things that make you you.

Let's say you're rating some things you bought: a record, a pair of headphones, a ukulele, and a bag of frozen peas…

And you see in your trends that all those purchases on music make you happy and those peas not so much.

So you set an autosave rule to save every time you spend on music. Now, when a show pops up, you're good to go.

Just like that, you used your love of music to get closer to the music you love.

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This can be my actual bank, right?

It sure can. Finn is offered by JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, which is an FDIC insured bank. When you sign up, you open a Finn checking and savings account and get a debit card to take cash out at ATMs for all those cash-only places. The difference here: you never have to visit a branch. We’re all mobile, because you are. You have everything you need to control your money right on your phone. Finn by ChaseSM Deposit Account Agreement (PDF).

And it's all without monthly service fees, right?

Uh-huh, with your early access, Finn won’t charge you monthly service fees.

What if I need help?

We’ve got you covered with 24/7 help. You can message us right from the app or call our help line. There will always be someone to talk to if you need it.

How do I put money in my account?

You can transfer money from another bank account, deposit a check in the app or set-up direct deposit.

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