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Chase Slate: Credit score for free

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View your FICO® Score for free now  

Your card comes with a FICO® Score for free, updated monthly on the Slate Credit Dashboard.

See how it works

See your score in 3 simple steps

1. Sign in or sign-up

Sign in to your Chase Slate® account or sign up if you're new to Chase Online.

2. Provide your consent

Click the one-time Consent button.

3. View your FICO® Score

View your credit score for free and see the reasons behind your score.

Slate Credit Dashboard

Track your credit health

Your Slate Credit Dashboard gives you:

  • Your FICO® Score, updated monthly
  • Reasons behind your score
  • A summary of your Credit Report
  • Helpful information on ways to manage your credit health

Watch the Slate Credit Dashboard overview video


See another credit score for free

Simply visit our Chase Credit JourneySM site, enroll and you’ll be able to see another credit score for free.