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Events at the Sundance Film Festival

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    Although it began 40 years ago, the Sundance Film Festival quickly rose to fame and has been a wondrous moment for cinema every year since. It’s a unique place and time for artists, cinephiles and industry insiders, situated in what many would describe as a real winter wonderland: Park City, Utah.

    Feature films and shorts are staples of the Festival, but there are other appeals to the Festival as well. Let’s review events you might expect to encounter at the Sundance Film Festival, some that might surprise you, as well as some unique opportunities.

    Chase Sapphire on Main

    For those readers who have a Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card, we have some exciting news for you. Cardmembers can enjoy a two-floor lounge situated conveniently at 573 Main Street in Park City. It’s called Chase Sapphire on Main. Bring your Sapphire Reserve card and enjoy refreshments and special events at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

    Chase Sapphire Parlor Room and the Library

    If you have a Sapphire Reserve card, you can make local dinner reservations at the Infatuation dining concierge desk located in the library room at Chase Sapphire on Main. Then, before heading out again, you could consult the Sundance representative who can help you navigate the town’s attractions and other Sapphire Reserve events at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Film panels

    There’s talent galore at the Sundance Film Festival’s 11-day run in January every year, and you’re sure to find panel discussions all over Park City. Plus, in 2024, film panels will be hosted downstairs of Chase Sapphire on Main daily from 11:15 a.m. to noon local time.

    Chase Sapphire Reserve premier party

    This party on Saturday, January 20, will feature music from a live DJ and refreshments for Sapphire Reserve cardmembers.

    Chase Sapphire Presents

    If you’re still looking for events at the Sundance Film Festival 2024, there will be a surprise musical performance hosted by Chase.

    The film screenings

    With more than 90 feature films and 60-plus shorts at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, attendees will have plenty of screenings to choose from. The venues for in-person premiers should be familiar for returning festival-goers:

    • The Eccles Theater
    • Egyptian Theatre
    • Holiday Village Cinemas
    • Library Center Theatre
    • The Ray Theatre
    • Redstone Cinemas
    • Prospector Square Theatre

    Films will also screen in downtown Salt Lake City at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake Film Society’s Broadway Centre Cinemas and the Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway.

    The Filmmaker Lodge

    A large part of the experiences available at Sundance Film Festival are within the community of cinephiles who attend. One place that should be on your list of events at Sundance Film Festival is right in the heart of Park City. The Filmmaker Lodge on Main Street promises to be a bustling place to post up for conversations and gatherings throughout the entire Festival.

    The award-winners’ screenings

    Festival-goers have many reasons for attending the Sundance Film Festival. For some, the chance to uncover gems before they reach the mainstream is at the heart of their experiences. For others, the sheer number of films available to screen offers the most wonder. Some in attendance, however, dive into the festival for its competitive aspect and look forward to the winners.

    Whether you’re rooting for your favorites to win or just excited to see indie filmmakers be recognized for their efforts, Sundance Film Festival’s Festival awards are an exciting moment. The awards for 2024’s Sundance Film Festival will be announced on Friday, January 26.

    Head here to find how to watch the award-winners screenings this year.

    In summary

    Besides attending film screenings to your heart’s content, there are many events at the Sundance Film Festival you can enjoy. The Filmmaker Lodge on Main Street will likely be a hotspot for great conversations. If you have a Sapphire Reserve credit card, however, you might spruce up your time spent outside the theaters with a host of spaces and exclusive events.

    Take breaks and enjoy refreshments at the Chase Sapphire on Main lounge, or in the Sapphire Parlor Room and the Library. Or check out exclusive film panels and Sapphire Presents and a surprise musical performance. These carefully curated events can complement cardmembers’ Festival experiences at the Sundance Film Festival in 2024.

    Don’t have a Sapphire Reserve credit card? Apply here.

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