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How to buy tickets to the Sundance Film Festival

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    The Sundance Film Festival takes place annually in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah every winter and is considered one of the most prestigious events in the world of independent cinema. Though it usually attracts movie enthusiasts, celebrities and industry professionals from around the globe, you don’t have to be a VIP to attend – anyone can buy tickets and enjoy the Festival.

    The 2024 Sundance Film Festival will feature around 90 full length films and more than 60 short films. In 2024, you can join in-person in Utah between January 18th and 28th as well as experience online screenings between January 25th and 28th. Note that you must be located in the United States to watch online screenings.

    In-person film screenings will take place throughout Park City, as well as in nearby Salt Lake City, Utah. A few of the venues include the Egyptian Theater, Library Center Theater, Prospector Square Theater, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and many more.

    If you’re eager to be part of this exciting cinematic experience, you’ll need to secure tickets. In this guide we’ll walk you through how to buy tickets to the Sundance Film Festival, as well as provide tips for preparing for your trip.

    Using the official Sundance Film Festival website to buy tickets

    To purchase tickets at the official Sundance Film Festival website, follow these suggested steps:

    1. Sign in or create your Festival account.
    2. Navigate to the ticketing page and look through the products offered
    3. Add products to your cart. If you’re buying a single film ticket, choose the desired screening, then add it to your cart. Single film tickets are not available for sale until Jan 11th, 2024. Passes or packages can be purchased now.
    4. Once your cart is complete, click on the cart icon in the navigation bar to view your summary. It is here where you can add a promo code.
    5. Click “Buy” and enter your payment information. You’ll then proceed to the final order summary. Ensure all information is correct here then click “Checkout”.
    6. Within a few minutes, you should receive an order confirmation via email.
    7. To view your receipt and purchase history at a later date, navigate to the Purchases section of the website.

    You’ll want to note that the festival is cashless (no physical money is used). Tickets, merchandise and other purchases will be transacted digitally.

    In-person Sundance Film Festival tickets

    Sundance offers various ticket types to cater to different needs and budgets. Here are some common types of in-person tickets:

    Individual tickets: These tickets allow you to attend a specific film screening. They may be ideal if you have a particular film in mind that you wish to attend. Single film tickets are $30 and can be purchased on the website or at a Festival box office.

    Package tickets: Package tickets offer a bundle of film screenings for a set price. Packages may be at a higher price-point than single film tickets because package-holders get to select the films they want to see before single film tickets are on sale. Packages typically include 10 tickets (valid during specific dates) and start at $250.

    Passes: Passes grant you access to unlimited screenings over the course of the festival and offer priority access into theatres for first choice seat selection. They offer flexibility and convenience for festival-goers who want to explore a broad range of films and who may not want to pick specific films in advance. Passes can cost up to several thousand dollars.

    Online Sundance Film Festival tickets

    The 2024 festival will include the option of online screenings as well. Online access for the general public is available during the second half of the festival — starting on January 25, 2024 and running until the last day, January 28, 2024.

    Single film ticket online screening is $25. Packages for screenings of multiple films online begin at $225, and could be $350 depending on the package you are looking for.

    To view the films online, you can watch from your internet browser, on your TV or with the Sundance Film Festival Player. Find all instructions for online viewing here.

    When can tickets be purchased?

    Here are some key dates to take note of:

    • Film Festival: January 18 – 28, 2024
    • Package sale ends: January 5, 2024
    • Recommended date to book lodging: December 31, 2023
    • Program announcement: December 2023
    • Ticket selection begins for Package-holders: January 8, 2024
    • Single film ticket sale begins: January 11, 2024
    • Online festival screenings: January 25 – 28, 2024
    • Awards screenings: January 27– 28, 2024

    What to do after you've purchased an in-person pass or package

    After you’ve purchased your Festival tickets, passes or packages, you’ll want to plan ahead to make the most of your time in Park City. Here are a few suggestions for planning your trip:

    Book your stay as early as possible. The massive attendance numbers means that getting hotel reservations, plane tickets, ground transportation and even dinner reservations can be tough. Not only will there be a huge influx of visitors for the Festival, but there are also people in town for the world-class skiing.

    Plan a budget and save up. It can be very expensive to stay, eat and drink in town during the festival. Decide what your budget is and save up. Prices in January can be double what they are in the off-season.

    Study the Festival map ahead of time. Get a sense of the film venues, food stations, coffee shops and transportation routes by studying the festival map, which will be available in December 2023, before you arrive. This could save you time in deciding how long in advance to leave for a certain event or how close certain screenings are from one another in case you change your mind on what screening to attend last minute.

    Locate free shuttle routes. No need to rely on a car. There are free shuttle buses that go in a loop throughout the city.

    Check the weather and pack layers. The weather in January in Park City can be rain, snow, hail — or all the above. It’s generally a good idea to pack appropriate layers and cold weather clothing. This event is casual, so feel free to pack those practical sweaters and coats. Temperatures could be in the 20s or 30s throughout the weekend.

    Consider screenings after the premiere. Many films offer second, third, or even fourth screenings, which you could consider attending instead of the premiere. This means your chances of scoring a ticket are higher and there are likely shorter wait times, and perhaps even better seats.

    Chase Sapphire Lounge at Sundance Film Festival

    Do you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve® or Preferred® credit card? Cardmembers get access to a cozy lounge space right in the heart of Park City called Chase Sapphire on Main, located at 573 Main Street. Enter simply by showing your Sapphire card at the door.

    Enjoy spaces dedicated to cardmember exclusives. This could include an intimate film panel series of discussions with casts and directors, live musical performances, a culinary experience with Melissa King and a concierge to assist with hard-to-get dinner reservations around town.

    In addition, when the weather is frightful, step inside the lounge to warm up with a hot espresso, refreshments and a ski break room. It’s like your own personal film fest headquarters.

    Not a cardmember yet? Learn more here!


    Planning a trip to the Sundance Film Festival can be exciting but might require some preparation and a bit of strategy. The Festival’s website offers ticket options depending on your availability, preferences and budget. Be sure to book your travel plans as far in advance as you can to help ensure you get the reservations you want. Most of all, enjoy the films!

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