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Plan for What Matters Most.

A disciplined and well-thought-out planning process
can go a long way in helping you realize your goals.

Expertise to Help Realize Your Goals

Feel More Confident About Your Future

Feel More Confident About Your Future

J.P. Morgan experts, like Managing Director Eric Tepper, can guide your customized strategy to maximize today, with an eye towards tomorrow.

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Creating a Well-Balanced Plan for the Future

Balancing competing financial goals with career and family obligations can make long-term planning hard to do on your own. Working with your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor can help — by taking the time to get to know you and understanding what's important to you over the short and long term. Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor can help you prioritize your objectives, as well as help you navigate what can be emotional or difficult financial decisions.

Planning Matters

Planning Matters

A focus on goals-based services forms the core of our long-term client relationships. Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will use a disciplined planning process to help you realize your goals, such as paying for college or retirement. Together, you can review your current consolidated financial picture, including your financial assets and liabilities, to identify gaps and potential risks.

Gaining an objective, in-depth perspective from your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor could lead to new insights and uncover factors you may have previously overlooked.

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Developing a Personalized Investment Strategy

You and your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will look at your financial landscape and develop a Customized Financial Analysis to assess how your finances measure up to your vision for the future.

Working together to identify your goals, your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will then develop an investment strategy tailored specifically to your needs, and then align your investments to help you meet your objectives. Our financial analysis tools and planning insights can help define a realistic vision of your future, outline a strategic path designed to reach your goals and anticipate the unexpected scenarios you might encounter along the way.

When Developing Your Investment Strategy,
Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor Will Look To:

  • Position your portfolio to reflect your long-term goals

  • Ensure a broad level of asset class diversification

  • Select investment solutions from best-in-class managers carefully screened by J.P. Morgan

Working Together to Balance Multiple Goals

No matter your financial situation, it's important to take all of your goals into consideration, such as planning for rising college costs or retirement. Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor understands that when it comes to planning advice, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor takes the time to get to know you and understand what's important to you before creating a Customized Financial Analysis that offers a 360° view of your financial life and helps bring your goals into focus.


  • Discuss Your
    Goals & Objectives

  • Evaluate Where
    You Stand

  • Develop Strategies
    Aligned with Your Goals

  • Implement
    Your Plan

  • Reviewing Your
    Progress Over Time

The process starts with a conversation with your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor to gain a deep understanding of your vision for retirement, as well as your full financial picture, including cash flow needs and investable assets, investment objectives, time frame and risk tolerance.

A financial analysis will assess your financial landscape to determine if you're on your path to meeting your goals. We will also:

  • Evaluate investment and savings accounts and current portfolio allocations, including risk and return characteristics
  • Forecast retirement income needs
  • Review your most current information with you to make informed decisions to help you reach your goals

Our goal is to help you understand trade-offs and maximize the probability of meeting your financial goals. This step helps you visualize each goal and identify how small adjustments can increase your probability of successfully achieving what's most important to you.

Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will develop a concrete strategy to help you achieve your goals. Together, you will look to:

  • Position your portfolio to reflect long-term goals
  • Ensure broad asset diversification
  • Continue making short-term adjustments

The plan you develop with your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor is an ongoing dialogue. Periodic reviews will help us monitor your plan and progress. It is also an opportunity for you to revisit your goals and priorities along the way, and modify your strategy to reflect any changes in the market and your life.

Meet with your local Chase Private Client team to begin discussing your goals.

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Answers from J.P. Morgan


I plan to retire before my spouse - how should we coordinate Social Security benefits?

The decision about which spouse should claim spousal benefits may not always favor the lower-earning spouse. Your decision may be influenced by the timing of your retirement, your relative ages and health histories - another reason why navigating spousal benefits is so complicated. Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor can help you as you decide the best course of action.

How should healthcare factor into my retirement plan?

With healthcare costs rising two to three times faster than the cost of inflation, you'll need to consider how they may impact your standard of living in retirement. How much you'll need may depend on when you retire, how long you live, your overall health and the cost of medical care in your area. Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor can help you evaluate your assumptions and adjust your plan as necessary to consider higher potential expenses in retirement and healthcare before other expenses.

Expert Perspectives

As the global economy continues to evolve, J.P. Morgan offers unique insights about the economic and social challenges our clients and the industry are facing now and in the future.


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Tap into our Expertise

Our J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisors will take you through the planning process, creating a strategy that helps you meet personal and family goals.

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Additional Goals

Attaining the Retirement You Imagined

Retire on your terms

Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will work with you to develop a retirement strategy that’s as unique as you and your lifestyle.

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Preparing for Your Child's Education

Prepare for the growing
cost of higher education

How do you balance saving for a child’s education with other current and future goals? Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor can help develop a strategy that makes sense for you.


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