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Chase Online Account Access

Manage your account quickly and securely with Chase OnlineSM

tablet image depicting the credit card glossary.

Credit card glossary A-Z

Here’s a comprehensive glossary of terms to help you understand and manage your credit cards.


Free credit score

Credit JourneySM automatically enrolls you in alerts that can help you identify fraud. Checking your score doesn’t affect your credit.

Credit basics

Learn about what factors into your credit report, tips for raising your credit score and more.


Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about Chase credit cards.


image of couple reviewing the FAQ section on tablet

Fraud & billing disputes

If you suspect a charge on your account may be fraudulent, please call us immediately at the number on the back of your card.

Fraud protection

Dispute a charge

Security Center

image of the back of a credit card highlighting a 1-800 phone number.