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We’ll help protect your information


We keep an eye on your data across the web to help make sure your identity and personal information are safe—all for free.

We’ve got your back


Our lives are more digital than ever, and your information needs to be protected. If something goes wrong or your data is stolen, we’ll help you get back on track with round-the-clock support.

How we help if your information is stolen


A personal concierge to assist you at every step


Get a direct line to assistance that’s assigned to you round-the-clock. They’ll help you prepare for every step in the process and keep you informed.


Up to $1 million in theft insurance


If identity theft happens, you may be covered for certain expenses, like lost wages and other eligible costs.


If you lose your wallet, we can help


We can help if you lose any of your credit cards, your ID or other important documents, no matter where you are in the world.

Get alerts for activity linked to your information


Dark web surveillance


Find out if your information is being used on suspicious websites.



Data breaches


Get notified if we see your data is exposed in a security breach.


Social Security number


Stay aware of activity linked to your SSN, like name and address changes.


Identity verifications


Know when a lender verifies your identity, like when you apply for a loan.


You can proactively look for signs of identity theft by:


  • Keeping track of your bills and identify any items you did not buy
  • Reviewing your bank account statements for withdrawals that you didn’t make or other suspicious activity
  • Reviewing your credit report

Identity theft can happen several ways, including:

  • Losing your wallet
  • Using a public Wi-Fi connection when making online purchases or sharing sensitive information
  • Phishing, which is when someone sends emails that prompt you to click on links and provide information
  • Skimming, which happens when someone collects your card information from places like an ATM
  • Searching through mail/trash for credit card or bank statements
  • Data breaches


Chase’s identity monitoring service can help identify possible theft with data breach monitoring, Social Security number activity tracking, identity verification alerts and more.

Identity theft protection is helpful to have because you’ll be notified if there’s a possibility your identity may have been stolen. It may also help cover expenses incurred of up to $1 million to help restore your identity and provide support to help you get back on track.

Dark web monitoring is a process that searches for and monitors information that’s found on the dark web. The dark web is a part of the internet that isn’t visible to the general public by common search engines. Many people who use the dark web are anonymous and hide their activity because it can be criminal and involve sharing, trading or selling personal information that’s been stolen.


Chase Credit Journey offers dark web surveillance through our free identity monitoring. When you enroll, we’ll notify you if we see your information on suspicious websites and activity linked to your identity.

Need help?


Our support lines are ready around the clock to help when you need it.