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Check your free credit score


Check your score anytime for free—it won’t affect your credit. We update your score regularly and tell you what’s changed.

Your score doesn’t have to be a mystery

Make it easier to understand your credit score with details of why your score changed and what factors are impacting it the most.

Get a free score improvement plan

Set a score goal and get a personalized plan provided by Experian™ to help you reach it. It’s free for everyone.

Get alerts when your credit changes


We monitor all of your accounts—not just Chase accounts—and alert you when we see changes in your credit report that may impact your score.


Credit usage and limits


We’ll let you know when the credit usage or credit limit on any of your accounts has changed.


Account status


We’ll notify you if you have a past-due balance or if you’ve paid off an account.


Credit checks


We’ll alert you when your credit is checked or a new account has been opened in your name.


When you enroll in Chase Credit Journey® , you can check your free VantageScore® 3.0 credit score, based on your Experian™ credit report, as often as you’d like with no impact to your credit. You can also receive your credit report directly from the three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion® and Equifax®) at no cost once a year.

Credit monitoring involves keeping track of your accounts and any changes in your credit report that could impact your score. This monitoring helps to identify potential fraud as well as shifts in creditworthiness.


With Credit Journey, we regularly check your credit report and will let you know if we see changes on your Chase or other bank accounts. You can also enroll in our free identity monitoring, and we’ll notify you if we notice suspicious activity linked to your accounts, Social Security number and more.

Many credit card issuers provide their card members with free credit score monitoring. Chase offers credit monitoring through Chase Credit Journey.

In addition to receiving a credit score, you can monitor your credit by keeping track of your credit reports and reviewing your bills, purchases and withdrawals. Be sure to review your statement balance for any suspicious transactions. You may want to consider using a credit monitoring service—such as the one offered by Chase Credit Journey—which will alert you of changes in your account.

Chase Credit Journey is available through the Chase Mobile® app and You’ll be able to access your free credit score, Experian credit report and other helpful tools to assist you with your financial journey.

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