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Chase Credit Card Payments FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What credit card payment options do I have?

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Go to to see how you can easily pay your credit card bill online, by phone or by mail.

How do I pay my credit card online?

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Go to to sign in and make a payment online.

How do I pay my credit card by phone?

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To make a payment by the automated phone service, call 1-800-436-7958. We accept operator relay calls. If you're deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability, call 711 for assistance.

Where can I mail my credit card payment?

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Please include your name and full account number on your check or money order, and mail your payment to:

Cardmember Services
P.O. Box 6294
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6294

For overnight mail, send your payment to:
Chase Card Services
201 N. Walnut Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

When will Chase process my credit card payment?

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Go to to see the details of when your payment will be processed. If you're enrolled in automatic payments, we'll make your payment automatically on your due date. If that date falls on a weekend, we'll make your payment the Friday before. If you mail us a check or money order, we'll credit your payment the day we receive it if it's before 5 PM local time at the payment address on your statement.

How do I change a payment I’ve set up?

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You can’t change a credit card payment. You have to cancel the payment and then submit a new one.

What are credit card automatic payments?

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When you set up automatic credit card payments, we'll pay your credit card automatically each month on your due date (if your due date falls on a Saturday, we'll make your payment the Friday before). You specify the pay-from account and how much you'd like to pay (e.g. your statement balance, your minimum payment due or fixed amount). You can set up automatic payments to your credit card by enrolling on

Can I make an additional payment before my automatic payment?

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You can make an extra payment whenever you'd like. If you make a payment before your due date, we'll reduce the automatic payment by the amount of your first payment. If your first payment is more than the automatic payment amount, we won’t make the automatic payment that month. You can make online and mobile payments daily.

Can I change my payment due date?

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You can change your due date as long as your account isn't in default. To change your due date, go to the "Things you can do" tab when signed in to your account. Choose "Update settings & preferences" and then "Payment due date." Your due date can be any day on or between the 1st and 28th of each month. Since it takes us 1 or 2 billing cycles to finish your request, please make your payments by your original due date until we officially change the date.