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Account Servicing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a credit limit increase to see if your card is eligible — with no impact to your credit score. Note, you may need to confirm your total gross annual income and your monthly mortgage/rent.

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With our enhanced security measures:

  • You don't need to set up travel notifications anymore.
  • We'll send you fraud alerts if we see any possible identity theft.
  • We'll alert you if we notice any unusual behavior on your account.

You can use your credit card to withdraw cash at an ATM or from one of our branches. Your cash access line/ cash advance limit designates the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw. To use an ATM, you must have a personal identification number (PIN) for the credit card. To get a PIN, please call us at 1-800-297-4970 and follow the instructions provided by the automated system. We accept operator relay calls.

Cash advances don't have an interest free period and the rate assessed on a cash advance is often higher than the rate assessed for purchase transactions. Check your cardmember agreement for details about your cash advance APR and other applicable fees that may apply.

Transferring balances online is fast, simple and secure. If you're an existing card member, choose Transfer a balance to see what offers are available to you. To compare balance transfer credit cards from Chase, go to our website.

To add an authorized user or employee cardholder, choose Authorize Users. An authorized user can't change your account information, account password or request an increase/decrease of your total credit limit. To remove an authorized user from your account, call us using the number on the back of your card.

Consumer credit card customers can dispute a charge online or submit a dispute by following the directions on the back of their billing statement. To submit a business card dispute, please call the number on the back of your card or write us at: Customer Service, P.O. Box 15299 Wilmington, DE 19850-5299.

Dispute a transaction

To enroll in paperless statements, choose Paperless. When you go paperless for an account, we'll stop sending you paper statements in the mail; instead, we'll send you email notifications when your online statement's ready. (Keep in mind: It might take about 2 months to stop receiving paper statements after you enroll.)

If you have a Chase credit card with Ultimate Rewards® you can manage your Ultimate Rewards® points at your Ultimate Rewards Points Dashboard.

To request a lower APR, call us using the number on the back of your card. We often do reviews of credit card accounts to see if we can apply better rates. Please contact us in a few months if you're not approved for a lower rate at this time.

To order a copy of your cardmember agreement, sign in to your account and go to the "Things you can do" or “More…” menu. Next, choose "Account services," then "Request cardmember agreement." We'll mail you a copy of the agreement to the billing address we have on file.

Chase has a free mobile app available for Apple and Android devices. To get started, text "mobile" to 24273, and you’ll receive a link to download the Chase Mobile® app. The app can also be downloaded through your mobile device’s app store.

Yes, simply go to on your mobile browser and sign in to access your accounts from your phone virtually anywhere, anytime.

Chase Credit Journey is provided to all Chase customers at no cost. Credit Journey provides access to your credit score (powered by VantageScore3.0®), monitoring alerts for credit activity, personalized insights, and credit resources to help build or maintain your credit health. Go to for more information.

Chase is committed to making our products and services accessible to meet the banking and financial services needs of all our customers. To find out more go to the accessibility page.