Online Bill Pay Guarantee

Online Bill Payment Guarantee

Pay bills online, on time, with complete confidence. You're covered—it's guaranteed.

Your payments are important to us—so important that we guarantee they'll be sent on time when you follow these simple guidelines.


Our guarantee covers

  • If Chase ever delays your personal Chase Online bill payment by not sending the payment on the Send On Date you specified, Chase will cover 100% of any late fees which resulted from the delay.
  • If we receive your payment request by the Cutoff Time, sufficiently in advance Footnote  (Opens Overlay) of the payee's due date for the payment to arrive on time (before the interest-free period begins).
  • If you input the Payee information correctly.


The risk of incurring and the responsibility for paying any and all late charges or penalties shall be borne by you in the event (1) you do not follow the procedures or otherwise fail to use the Bill Payment & Transfer Service in accordance with the terms of the Online Service Agreement or (2) you enter into any agreement where one of the purposes is to generate late payment fees. Our guarantee does not cover errors made by your payee or your payee's change to a delivery method that increases processing time for your payments.