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ICT250 – Process a manual sale

Accepting payments is a critical component of your business. Learn how to process a sale on your device.


Process a manual sale

  1. From the Idle Menu, press the green [Enter] key to access the Main Menu.
  2. From the Main Menu, select the Sale option by navigating on the cursor button [F2] and [F3], then press the green [Enter] key to continue.
  3. Select 1-Credit or 2-Debit
  4. Enter the Sale Amount and press the Enter[green] key.
  5. Pass terminal to customer to Insert/Swipe/Key card number
  6. Key in [CARD NUMBER, EXPIRY DATE] and press the Enter[green] key .
  7. Terminal will determine if card is present or not. Choose between [Yes] or [No].
  8. Key in [CVV2] and press the green [Enter] key.
  9. Key in [ZIP/POSTAL CODE] and press the green [Enter] key. You can opt to skip the zip code by pressing the green [Enter] key without any input.​
  10. Terminal will process transaction and indicate transaction approved. An [AUTHORIZATION CODE] is provided if transaction is approved, press green [Enter] key to continue.
  11. Terminal prints merchant copy of the receipt.
  12. Terminal prompts for customer copy to be printed.

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