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Secure Message Center

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Sign in to access the Secure Message Center

Send secure online messages to Chase Customer Service. Get a response via the Secure Message Center.

How do I access the Secure Message Center?
To find the Secure Message Center, first sign in to Once on your accounts page, go to the side menu (the three-line icon in the upper-left) and choose "Secure messages". The Secure Message Center opens in a new window. From there you can read your messages and send new messages or reply to existing messages.

How do I send and receive secure messages from Chase?
You can send Chase Card Customer Service a secure message by choosing "Compose Message" in the Secure Message Center. When Chase sends a reply to your Secure Message Center inbox, you'll receive an email message. Chase will also let you know when you sign on if you have any secure messages to read, along with other alerts that could affect your accounts. To read your secure message, click on the Inbox link. Your messages will be listed on the right side and open within the Message Center window. Please note that any messages in red will be deleted within 10 days.