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What is Five Iron Golf?

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    Five Iron Golf provides one of few premier indoor golf experiences, whether you're looking for lessons, a regular practice space or somewhere to enjoy a lively and unique group activity. You can enjoy a facility like this if you've golfed for years or just want to learn what all the fuss over this historic sport is all about.

    Five Iron Golf explained

    Five Iron Golf has quickly gained a reputation for a great atmosphere golfers and non-golfers can both enjoy. The indoor experience alone makes the game of golf a bit more accessible. However, the offerings at each location extend beyond golf and provide something for everyone. As a unique event space for parties, small and large locations often have different table games, TVs and a full bar and menu.

    For golfers, this indoor space to train or play could be a paradise, especially when the go-to links are inaccessible for some reason, such as bad weather. Five Iron Golf has golf simulators and professional instructors, but it's also a casual hotspot for groups looking for a fun night out.

    Let's review some of the most notable features at Five Iron Golf locations.

    What does Five Iron Golf offer?

    All in all, Five Iron Golf can deliver a complete golfing experience regardless of how you'd like to approach it. Besides play time for yourself or a group, here are the main offerings at Five Iron Golf.


    The monthly fee for a membership at Five Iron Golf varies by city, but there is no initiation fee. You can also pay monthly and cancel anytime.

    The number of memberships available at each Five Iron Golf location is based on its simulator capacity. Prospective members will be put on a waiting list if all the membership spots are filled at a given location.

    Visit for more details on memberships at your nearest location.


    Teams of four compete over seven weeks in Five Iron Golf Leagues. Exact schedules vary by location, but they include local playoffs and a national championship. You don't need an entire squad to join a league, either. Five Iron Golf will find you a team to join if you're looking for one.


    You can book private or semi-private lessons with the instructors at Five Iron Golf, whether you're a beginner or ready for advanced training. Instructors are generally available for lessons as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 10 p.m.

    Depending on how much you play, you can choose which type of lesson is most appropriate for you when you schedule.

    For beginners

    If you're new to playing golf, you can learn basic techniques and skills, such as grip, aim and making contact with the ball. You can work with your instructor to build solid fundamentals for a swing that works for you and your body. You'll also learn about the different types of clubs and how to use them, then try different shots on the virtual links.

    For occasional players

    If you have the fundamentals down, you can focus your lessons at Five Iron Golf on understanding exactly how to improve. Instructors and simulation technology will help you learn the sources of your mistakes, as well as what's leading to your good shots.

    Consistent lessons can help you build strategies that can transfer to real course play. Build stronger techniques as you learn what you should do to increase accuracy and distance. This way, you can become better equipped to meet challenges of different on-course scenarios.

    For fine-tuning your skills

    Reaching a certain level of play probably means you have techniques down pat, but you'll want to really maximize distance and accuracy. Five Iron Golf has tour-quality balls and the advanced technology needed to give you useful data to hone your skills. In general, advanced lessons will focus on developing strong routines, making the most of this practice time.

    What simulator does Five Iron Golf use?

    Five Iron Golf locations feature Full Swing and Trackman simulators. Full Swing simulators track the hitting area, club head data and ball flight. The TrackMan golf radar helps map ball speed, attack angle, face angle, club path and much more; however, your golf swing can also be captured with the TrackMan's built-in camera and external cameras. The metrics and video analyses that these simulators provide make lessons at Five Iron Golf quite special.

    Five Iron Golf locations

    You can find a Five Iron Golf in many major metropolitan areas: New York, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

    Check for additional cities, such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit and Atlanta.

    At Five Iron Golf, both avid and casual golfers can find a way to enjoy and practice the game. Book a simulator or schedule lessons, either for yourself or for a group of people. You could even join local leagues and compete in national tournaments. The key thing to remember is that you can choose how you want to experience Five Iron Golf.

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