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Your guide to the Chase DoorDash DashPass

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    DashPass is a subscription service offered by DoorDash, a popular food delivery platform. DashPass provides subscribers with various benefits and perks when using the DoorDash platform to order food from participating restaurants.

    Many Chase credit cards offer a complimentary DashPass membership as a cardmember benefit. Activating it is pretty straightforward. Once you activate the benefit, you can begin enjoying the perks of ordering from participating DoorDash restaurants.

    How can I get a complimentary DashPass?

    As of June 2023, the complimentary DashPass benefit available with many Chase credit cards must be activated by the end of 2024. To activate, set up a DoorDash account online and link your eligible Chase card as your primary payment method, then click the activation button. Once this link is verified, you can enjoy DashPass benefits as long as your membership is active.

    The DashPass monthly membership fee will be covered according to the terms and conditions of this offer. That could mean your DashPass membership is complimentary for a period of time between 3 and 12 months, depending on the card.

    How does my complimentary DashPass work?

    DashPass provides benefits such as waived delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders. Once enrolled in DashPass, you can start enjoying these benefits when placing orders through the DoorDash platform. Use your associated Chase credit card for payment at checkout for DashPass-eligible orders.

    Your Chase credit card account has to be open and not in default to maintain any complimentary or discounted DashPass membership benefits. Your credit card will continue to be charged after any complimentary period ends. The complimentary period for your DashPass benefit varies by card.

    Which credit cards come with complimentary DoorDash DashPass?

    Several Chase credit cards offer complimentary DashPass from DoorDash as well as additional benefits and rewards programs that can suit many lifestyles. You’ll want to note that many of these cards have an annual fee.

    You can get complimentary DashPass as a benefit of these credit cards for one year when activated by December 31, 2024:

    The complimentary DashPass benefit is also available with these credit cards for three months when activated by December 31, 2024:

    • Chase Freedom
    • Chase Freedom Unlimited
    • Chase Freedom Student
    • Chase Freedom Flex
    • Chase Slate or Chase Slate Edge℠

    What are the benefits of DashPass?

    Here are some key features of DashPass:

    • $0 Delivery Fees: DashPass members enjoy waived delivery fees on eligible orders from DashPass merchants that meet the subtotal minimum. This can help you avoid the usual delivery charges associated with DoorDash orders.
    • Reduced service fees: In addition to waived delivery fees as explained above, DashPass members may also receive reduced service fees on eligible orders. Service fees are related to the cost of processing and delivering the order.
    • Exclusive discounts: DashPass members may have access to exclusive discounts and promotions on select restaurants and food items.
    • Convenience: DashPass subscribers could benefit from faster checkout and reduced wait times, as they have a dedicated lane for ordering. This can be particularly helpful during peak times when DoorDash orders might experience higher demand.
    • Wide restaurant selection: DashPass is valid at thousands of participating restaurants on the DoorDash platform, offering a wide range of dining options to choose from.

    While DashPass can provide benefits for eligible orders, it doesn't cover the cost of the actual food or beverages you order. DashPass is available as a subscription service with a monthly or annual fee. To access DashPass benefits, you need to sign up for the service and be an active subscriber.


    Once you've activated a complimentary DashPass benefit with your Chase credit card, create a DoorDash account if you don't have one already. Set your primary payment method as the Chase card with the complimentary DashPass benefit. Once your eligibility is confirmed, make sure the payment method is the card you used to sign up for DashPass, then relax and enjoy.

    Remember to review the terms and conditions associated with the Chase credit card's DashPass benefit. There may be specific details or limitations on your DashPass membership, such as the period cardmembers receive it complimentary.

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