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ACH Transfer

Moving money from another
bank? We make it easy.

It just takes a few steps.

Then you can typically access your money in 1-2 business days.

1: Sign in

Sign in above. From the "Pay and transfer" tab, choose "External accounts."

2: Link account

Choose "Add external account," then fill in the routing and account numbers from your other bank account.

3: Verify

We’ll confirm your account details match with your other bank. We may need you to verify two small trial deposits and one withdrawal.

4: Schedule

Choose "Schedule transfer" and fill in the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I transfer?

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Most Chase accounts have a $25,000 per day limit. Chase Private Client and Chase Sapphire Banking limits are $100,000 per day. Keep in mind, your other bank may have a different transfer limit.

How long do digital transfers take?

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For transfers to/from a non-Chase account, it typically takes 1-2 business days to complete.

Where do I find the routing number and account number of my other bank account?

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This information can be found on the bottom of a check or possibly on your bank’s website.

How do I link and confirm my other bank account?

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Does an external transfer cost money?

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No, we don't charge a fee. Your other bank may charge a fee to move money to Chase, so you should check with them prior to starting your transfer.

How do I set up a repeating transfer?

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From the "Pay and transfer" tab, choose "Transfer money" and then "Schedule transfer."


Then, fill in account details and the amount of the transfer, then choose "Set up repeating transfers." Finally, choose the transfer frequency, dates and duration.