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DX8000 – Add manager/clerk credentials

Learn how to create user profiles (and their credentials) at the terminal - based on the employees' level of responsibility. This adds a layer of security, like enabling a manager access to perform different password protected transactions - such as refunds.


Add manager/clerk credentials

  1. From the Main Menu, click the three lines on the top left corner of the screen to access the menu option.
  2. From the Menu option, select “Users”.
  3. Select the “Admin” tab.
  4. Enter temporary passcode and press “Confirm”.
  5. If no previous user was created, screen would display “No data to show”, Select “Add User” to continue.
  6. Enter Username, Password and reenter Password to continue. Make sure to have radio button selected on Manager or Clerk/Server option then press “Confirm”.


  • Credentials are case sensitive and must be minimum 8 characters with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 special character included.
  • Use the Chase interactive voice response phone line 888-886-8869 to obtain your temporary passcode.

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