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Small Business Loans


Find the right business financing from a variety of options to help your business take off.


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We offer lump-sum funding for investments in your small business


Get access to capital that can fund large-investment projects to fuel your business's growth. Choose from our three different options.


Term Loan


A standard loan with a set amount of time to pay it back


Draw Loan


A loan with a draw period up to one year to avoid having to dip into your personal funds


Advised Line


Get pre-approved for a commitment amount allowing you to draw against the commitment to make purchases for up to one year

Key features

  • Loan amounts starting as low as $5,000
  • Terms as long as seven years
  • Variable or fixed interest rates, depending on your product
  • Fixed monthly payments

Find the loan to take your small business to the next level


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No matter where your small business is right now, we have a loan solution for you.


  • Business Line of Credit
  • Term Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing



Business Line of Credit


Revolving credit for purchasing flexibility.


  • Lines up to $500,000
  • Five-year revolving period
  • Five-year repayment term



Commercial Real Estate Financing


Purchase, renovate, or refinance commercial properties.


  • Term loan secured by real estate
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Fully amortized


Compare Ink® business credit cards to choose which one best fits your business needs


Ink Business Preferred®


Earn 3X points on shipping and other select business categories, plus 1X points on all other purchases made for your business.



Ink Business Unlimited®


Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back rewards on every purchase made for your business with this no annual fee credit card.



Ink Business Cash®


Earn 5% cash back in select business categories plus earn rewards on every purchase made for your business with this no annual fee credit card.


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