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Chase Card Reader™ Guide


Learn how to pair your Chase Card Reader to the Chase Point of Sale (POS)℠ App.

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Read more on how to successfully pair your Chase Card Reader to the Chase POS App on a mobile device.


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Pairing a card reader

Check Bluetooth settings are set to ON for your device and for the Chase POS App in your device's Settings.


Login screen


For first time users, use your business Chase Mobile® app or credentials.

For existing Chase POS app users, login with your existing credentials.


Connect a card reader


Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen and tap on Connect a card reader.




Pair a card reader


Available card readers will appear on your mobile device screen. Select the card reader to pair by matching the device ID listed.


Ready for pairing


The reader will show the device ID when it is ready for pairing.

If the reader is not in pairing state, you can press the Power button on the side of the reader for about 10 seconds till you hear a set of beeps and one long beep to reset the reader. The reader will be ready for pairing with the device ID displayed on the screen.

If your Chase POS App is already paired with another Chase Card reader or Moby mobile reader, unpair that reader first before you can pair another reader. Refer to "Unpair an existing card reader" for help on unpairing and getting the app and reader ready for pairing.



Bluetooth Pairing
The Chase POS app will prompt for a Bluetooth pairing request. Enter the Passkey (PIN) digits from the card reader display to pair with the app and tap OK.


If the Passkey (PIN) matches the PIN on the card reader it will be paired and connected successfully.




Firmware updates


The app will complete all card reader firmware updates.


Security updates


The app will complete all security updates.




Once connected and updates are complete, the reader will be paired and ready to use. The card reader screen will show a Paired status.


The reader stays paired with the app even if you logout of the app. 


The reader goes into power saving mode if not used for a default of 30 minutes or your configured power saving connectivity time in settings. 


You can wake up and reconnect your reader to the app by tapping Connect now from Payment screen.


  • Updates will need to be complete prior to using the card reader.
  • Updates require a battery level of 50% or more.
  • Connect the Reader to power if taking any Firmware or Reset Firmware updates.




  • If any security updates are available from the network at a later time, the updates can be taken from the Connect a card reader screen.

  • Click on the paired reader in the Connect a Card Reader screen in the app.
  • Tap Forget this device to disconnect this reader from the app.

If you are using an iOS device, there is an additional step to unpair the reader:

  • Go to your device's Bluetooth settings.
  • Select on the reader you want to unpair from the phone and tap Forget this device.

The card reader is now unpaired from your Chase POS App and your device. 


The reader is now available for pairing with the Chase POS App. Your Chase POS App is also available for pairing with a reader.

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