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Setting up your Chase POS℠


Whatever your businesses size or industry, we offer checking solutions that are built to meet your needs, support your vision, and keep you moving forward.

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Get answers to the questions most frequently asked by business owners just starting out with Chase POS.


Download the Chase Point of Sale app from the Google Store or iOS app Store

  1. Sign in to the Chase POS app
  2. Open the Main menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  3. Choose Order supplies to display the Order Supplies screen
  4. Choose Shop Now
  5. Choose Mobile Card Reader on our partner POS Portal to place your order 
  6. Adjust the quantity as needed and choose Add to Cart. Follow all prompts to continue the Checkout process.


  1. Sign in to the Chase POS app by using your primary credentials.
  2. Identification: You'll then be prompted to send a code by phone or email to complete your device’s first sign-in experience.
    • Enter your code and password to authenticate the device.
  3. Merchant Account: Choose the corresponding Merchant Account to associate to your app.
  4. Assign a name for your device, this'll allow you to identify the terminal in your reporting features.
  5. At this point, the app just needs to wait on a few updates to add your device to our systems – it can take a couple moments to complete.
  6. Once the device has been assigned, you'll be prompted to complete a wizard to quickly set up your tip and tax settings. You can skip this if you had already adjusted your settings for this account using a Chase Smart Terminal or a Chase POS app activated on another device or if you want to adjust the settings later.

  1. Before you begin, charge your card reader, it can take two hours to charge. A solid red light will appear when fully charged.
  2. To start pairing the reader, turn on your Bluetooth functionality on your device. Turn on the card reader by holding down the power button on the right side until it beeps.
  3. Sign in to the Chase POS app.
  4. Open the Main menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  5. Choose Connect a card reader.
  6. On the Card reader screen, choose Pair a card reader.
  7. Choose the card reader from the Available card readers once it's connected through Bluetooth.
    • Tip: If your card reader isn't listed, check your device Bluetooth settings menu to see if the card reader shows up as a paired device. If it is, unpair the card reader in device Bluetooth settings menu. Then return to the Chase POS app and check the available card readers to detect the card reader.
  8. Verify that the light pattern shown on the app matches the light pattern on the card reader, then choose Confirm. If you need to retry, choose Replay light pattern.
  9. Once the card reader is successfully paired choose Done. Your card reader is now paired with the app.

Learn more helpful tips for activating and pairing your Moby card reader in the Chase Mobile app.

Once paired, Card reader will stay paired to the app unless user manually unpairs (Forget the Device) from the Connect a card reader menu. If the card reader is connected to the app during pairing or from Connect a card reader settings using the Connect Now function during Sale flow, it'll now stay connected for an extended time (around 30 minutes or more). If you don't plan to use the reader after your Sale is done, manually switch off the reader to save its battery.


To pair this reader to another Chase POS app, unpair (Forget the Device from this app) and pair it with another Chase POS app.

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For questions about your Chase POS, contact our customer support team at 888-659-4961.


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