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Move/5000 - Void a transaction

If your batch has not yet settled, you can cancel a same day transaction. Learn how to void a transaction.

Note: Your device may be a different color but all instructions apply

Void a transaction

  1. From the Home Screen with the Chase logo, press the green [Enter] key to access the Main Menu. 
  2. From the Main Menu, either press [2] on the keypad or the Void icon on the screen.
  3. Enter Supervisor password if prompted then press the green [Enter] key.
  4. Terminal will prompt to "Void Pre-Auth", press [2-Yes] on the screen to confirm.
  5. Use search menu to locate transactions:
    • 1. = All
    • 2. = Reference #
    • 3. = Clerk #
    • 4. = Invoice #/PO #
    • 5. = Account #
    • 6. = Customer #
    • 7. = RRN
    • 8. = Approval Code
  6. Enter information based on transaction type, then press the green [Enter] key.
  7. If ALL is selected, use arrow keys to scroll through transactions and press [green] Key to select a transaction to be voided.
  8. Confirm Void amount. Press [2-Yes] on the screen or the green [Enter] key to confirm.
  9. Terminal screen will display "Transaction Voided" and automatically prints receipt.
  10. Press [2-Yes] on the screen then the green [Enter] key to print customer copy.

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