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Move/5000 - Manual settlement

Your device is most likely setup for automated settlement, but you have the option to close out manually. Learn how to complete a manual settlement.

Note: Your device may be a different color but all instructions apply

Manual settlement

  1. From the Home Screen with the Chase logo, press the green [Enter] key to access the Main Menu.
  2. From the Main Menu, navigate through the touchscreen menu by swiping up then press the Settlement icon.
  3. Terminal will prompt "Close Batch and Deposit Funds?" Press [2-Yes] to settle the batch or press the green [Enter] key.
  4. Review batch totals.
  5. Press Accept on the screen to confirm and settle batch.
  6. Terminal connects to host. Screen will prompt "Accepted", press the green [Enter] key to continue.
  7. Once Settlement is completed, terminal will prompt "Print Reports?"
  8. Press [2-Yes] on the screen or the green [Enter] key to print Detail/Summary Report.

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