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Move/5000 – Change date and time

Maintaining an accurate date/time on your device is important and can impact when you receive your funding. Learn how to change date and time on your device.

Note: Your device may be a different color but all instructions apply


Change date and time

  1. Press the Gray [Desktop/Function] key to access the Admin Menu.
  2. Select the Admin Mode icon on the screen.
  3. Enter the Admin Password and press the green [Enter] key. "Admin Mode Activated" will prompt on the screen after successful Admin Password login.
  4. Select Tetra Admin icon.
  5. On the Admin Menu, select [2] for Set Date and Time.
  6. Make necessary changes, Select: [1] for Date and [2] for Time. Note:
    1. For Date, input in following order: 2 numbers for Month followed by 2 numbers for day and 4 numbers for the year.
    2. For Time, follow 24-Hour Military time format.
  7. Press the Green [Enter] key to confirm changes.

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