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Five ways Tap to Pay on iPhone can improve your checkout experience

Tap to Pay on iPhone helps make customer checkout and running your business easier. Presented by Chase for Business.

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    Accepting in-person payments just got easier with Tap to Pay on iPhone. Easy to set up and use, this new feature comes with a host of benefits that could elevate your checkout experience and help your business grow.


    1. No extra hardware needed

    From accepting physical debit cards and credit cards, to digital wallets – Tap to Pay on iPhone allows your phone to be a point-of-sale device anytime, anywhere in the U.S..

    Let’s say you have a stand at a farmers’ market and need a flexible, convenient and secure way for customers to pay for their produce. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can ditch your card reader and accept contactless payments, bypassing extra terminals or hardware.

    Now, all you need to accept contactless credit cards and digital wallets is your iPhone and the Chase Mobile® app with Tap to Pay on iPhone activated.


    2. Easy to setup

    Getting started with Tap to Pay on iPhone is easy and set up typically takes a few minutes. The feature is available at no additional cost if you have a Chase Business Complete Banking® account. There’s no sign up needed – simply download the Chase Mobile app, ensure payments are enabled and activate Tap to Pay on iPhone to start accepting contactless payments.

    Whether you are selling goods and services at a farmers’ market, in-store or at your customer’s location, Tap to Pay on iPhone makes versatile payments easy and secure.


    3. Faster checkouts

    Customers won’t have to spend time swiping or dipping their cards – minimizing customer wait time and making checkout efficient. You won’t need to take time connecting your card reader to your phone or manually entering credit card information.

    Accepting payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone takes just a few simple steps:

    1. Customers hold their contactless card horizontally at the top of your iPhone, or if paying with a digital wallet, customers hold their device near the top of your iPhone.
    2. When you see the “done” checkmark, the payment is complete.

    A long queue of customers at your checkout counter? Tap to Pay on iPhone can be used for “line busting” – allowing your employees to quickly work through a line of customers with an iPhone in hand. An added layer of security and convenience: the app can be used alongside your existing point-of-sale system.


    4. More sales opportunities

    Tap to Pay on iPhone allows you to serve your customers wherever they are. With your iPhone as your point-of-sale system, you may take advantage of pop-up markets or satellite storefronts at a lower cost, allowing your business to expand and grow.

    Digital payments are growing faster than ever, with more than half of U.S. consumers feeling comfortable leaving their wallets at home and instead using their smartphones to pay. Tap to Pay on iPhone has got you covered with its ability to process digital wallets stored on a phone or a wearable device.

    Own a yoga studio? With Tap to Pay on iPhone, instructors can use an iPhone to accept payments, allowing patrons to check out from their mat without having to walk to the register.


    5. Secure transactions

    Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep your business and your customer data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple does not store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers.

    You can get all the benefits of Tap to Pay on iPhone with integrated payment solutions from Chase – a one-stop shop with fast deposits and fortress-level security.

    "I really enjoy using Tap to Pay on iPhone and will use it every time a credit card transaction is done for my business."

    Shelly Gause, Jet Signature Notary


    Your business is unique, and no single payment system is suitable for every need. Still not sure whether Tap to Pay on iPhone is ideal for your business? Explore the full range of payment solutions from Chase.