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Desk/5000 – Print reports

Learn how to access and print different reports that are important to your business.

Note: Your device may be a different color but all instructions apply


Print reports

  1. From the Home Screen with the Chase Logo, press # to access Admin Menu.
  2. Enter the Admin name [ADMIN] and Admin password.
  3. From the Admin Menu, choose Reports Menu by pressing the "0-Reports Menu" tab or the green [Enter] key.
  4. Press the corresponding number or tab of the report type to confirm.
    • Detail prints detail information for each transaction and a total summary for each card type and issuer.
    • Summary prints totals by card type.
    • Clerk/Server prints a summary report of a clerk's daily totals.
    • Open Pre-Auth will print out report of Pre-Auth transactions on open batch.
    • Unadjusted Tip prints a list of unadjusted transactions by clerk/server, if enabled.
    • Open Tabs prints a list of current open tabs.
    • EMV prints reports related to EMV chip transactions, parameters, statistics and key settings.
  5. Press [1] to print the report. No further action needed.

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