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Go digital with business payments

Want to take your business payments digital? Discover some of the most popular options.

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    As a business owner, you’re constantly making payments: to employees, credit card companies, vendors and suppliers, utility and cable companies and others as part of everyday business operations.

    Traditionally, businesses would write checks using their business checking accounts. But, today many are taking advantage of modern technology and going digital.

    If you're ready to simplify your process, explore these popular ways businesses across every industry are making and receiving digital payments.

    Chase for Business offers a number of online solutions that allow you to manage your cash flow — and your business.


    Chase business checking

    ACH and Real-time Payments

    Automated clearing house (ACH) payment services offer a fast way to pay your vendors and employees by sending one-time or recurring payments electronically. This option allows you to set up a single payee or an entire group for easy scheduling — saving you the time and money of writing and mailing checks. With the Real-time Payments option, your payment will arrive in moments. Keep in mind, many banks, including Chase, may charge a fee to send ACH payments, with incremental fees for faster payment options like real-time payments.


    Online bill pay

    As a consumer, you may be familiar with online bill pay services. But did you know this same option is available for businesses? Online bill pay allows you to pay your fixed expenses or to schedule automatic payments to ensure bills are paid on time without the cost or hassle of writing and mailing checks. Plus, with many online bill pay services, customers and clients can also pay you the same way. Chase for Business lets you add your business to our Bill Pay Directory, where Chase customers can find your business and pay you electronically.


    Make payments with Zelle

    Many payment apps let you send or receive money. Zelle® is a way to send money that’s offered by many financial institutions including Chase. You can enroll in Zelle® through participating financial institutions and access it directly from your financial institution’s mobile app. With just a U.S. mobile number or email address and an eligible U.S. bank account, you can send payments using Zelle® to your employees or other small businesses enrolled in Zelle® - and there's no need to share your account or routing number with your recipient. Use separate emails or U.S. mobile numbers for your eligible business and personal deposit accounts to help keep your business and personal transactions separate.


    Wires & global transfers

    Wire transfer services have been around for a long time. And as businesses become more and more globalized and transactions can happen from anywhere at any time, they are regaining popularity among business owners — especially for international payments. Chase for Business offers global transfers in local currency to more than 140 countries, and wire funds can be originated domestically and internationally using the Chase Mobile® app.


    Payments in a digital world

    Everything about business today is moving fast, including sending and receiving payments. The Chase for Business Payment Center is your one-stop for making and tracking payments. Learn more about the digital payment options for your business.