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Pay off your home equity line of credit account

Pay off your account

If you’ve paid off your account and have a $0 balance, you can either close your account or you can keep it open for future use (as long as you're within your draw period). In either case, feel free to contact us to make sure you’re familiar with the terms and conditions as you may need to take action to avoid any fees.

Important: Your home equity line of credit is secured by a lien on your property which is on record with your local county recorder’s office. If you intend to pay off your account entirely, your local county clerk’s office typically charges a fee for processing the release of the lien on your property. We don't set this lien release cost, but will include it in your payoff quote.

The basics

  • You can count on us to provide you with a free payoff quote with important information about paying off your account.
  • As long as your line of credit remains open, the lien on your property will remain in place.
  • If you want to have the lien released you must request a payoff quote and close your account providing us with an authorization to close form when you send your payoff funds.

Getting started

Here's what you should do to pay off and close your account:

  1. Request a payoff quote
  2. Pay the full balance on your payoff quote
  3. Complete and send us the authorization to close your account

How to request a payoff quote:


Call our 24-hour automated phone service dedicated to payoff quotes at 1-877-505-2894 or 1-800-582-0542 for TTY services or visiting any Chase branch.


Important: We will fax or mail your payoff quote within the same day. Please allow 10 days for mail delivery.

How to pay the balance on your payoff quote:


Pay the amount shown on your payoff quote with a wire transfer (fastest option) or send a check or money order by overnight or regular mail to the address below:


Wire Transfer Instruction


For same-day processing, we must receive the full payoff amount before 6 p.m. Eastern Time. You can make a wire transfer online on or in a Chase branch.


Include the following information with your wire transfer:


JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Account number: 323553729
Routing number: 021000021
Account name: Chase Payoff Wire Account
OBI text: (Account Number)
Attn: Payoff Processing
Your name
Your property address
Your closing agent’s contact information

Regular or Overnight Mail:


Attn: Home Equity Payoff Processing
Mail Code OH4-7166
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009

How to send the authorization to close your account:


Sign and send the authorization form which confirms you want to close your account. It is also enclosed with the payoff quote.


Important: You must sign and send us the authorization form for your local county clerk's office to release the lien on your property. The lien release is sent to the county clerk's office within 30 calendar days of the payoff. County can take 90 days or greater to record and return the lien release to Chase.


Return it by mail or fax to:




Mail Code OH4-7166
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009




Important: We must receive your authorization in order for us to close your account, otherwise the account will remain open until the scheduled end-of-draw date, the lien will be retained and additional fees may be assessed.

What to expect

  • We’ll send you a letter confirming that your account is paid off within one business day of payoff.
  • If we received more than we need to pay off the line of credit, we’ll mail you a check for this amount. You should receive it within 10 days after paying off the account.
  • We’ll mail your IRS Form 1098 (Mortgage Interest Statement) in January, if applicable.
  • The lien release is sent to the county clerk's office within 30 calendar days of the payoff and the county can take 90 days or greater to record and return the lien release to us.
  • You can request a copy of the lien release from your county recorder’s office 90 days after payoff.
  • If you are unable to obtain a copy of the the lien release, you can request a copy directly from us after it has been recorded.

Important: All items will be mailed to the address on the payoff quote. If your mailing address has changed, please complete and return the address change form included with the payoff quote.

To pay down your balance and keep your account open

If you wish to keep your account open, please include paydown instructions (writepay down” on check or wire instructions) when sending your funds through any of the channels listed above.

If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-836-5656 or 1-800-582-0542 for TTY services.