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Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Unlock insights to help accelerate growth.


Current Topic: Evaluating Your Suppliers to Optimize Performance

Virtual coaching to help accelerate growth


With Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs, you'll get small-group (up to three business owners) coaching and actionable insights to help accelerate your business's potential.


Connect with consultants on your schedule, and get educational resources curated for your business. You'll walk away with a personalized game plan and strategic tools you need to grow your business on your terms.

Current Topic:

Evaluating Your Suppliers to Optimize Performance

Examine the strength of your different business partnerships whether it's with a bookkeeper, strategic advisor, marketer or manufacturer. We'll work with you to analyze those relationships and help you determine how they can improve to help grow your business.

Download the documents below to make the most out of your coaching session

Pre-work and Action plan


Evaluate your supplier relationships and determine how they can improve to help you grow your business.


10-minute activity


Case Study


Discover how one business owner analyzed their relationship with a supplier and navigated supply chain disruptions.


5-minute read



Earn $300


When you open a Business Complete Checking account with qualifying activities. For new business checking customers.


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Hear from a business owner on how Curated Coaching made an impact on her business

Coaches with proven entrepreneurial expertise


Curated Coaching introduces you to small business experts from The Acceleration Project (TAP), a women-founded and -led business advisory firm. In your 55-minute, small-group coaching session (maximum 3 business owners), you’ll meet with a coach who understands the unique issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs.

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