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Get strategic about cash flow


Learn the basics of balancing cash flow and how to apply best practices to your own business.


5–20 min. per chapter


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What this course covers


  • Strategies to help you earn more and spend less
  • How to analyze complex expenses, including vendors
  • The four types of customers every business needs
  • How to position yourself in the market and price effectively



  • Effective pricing calculator
  • Map your competitors worksheet
  • Analyze vendor relationships worksheet
  • Map your cash flow tool

Course outline


Every business is built on money. For your business to succeed, you need more cash flowing in than flowing out. This course will help you understand key concepts around cash flow and strategies to manage your expenses and revenue. Use the included tools to apply what you learn to your own business.


Designed for business owners and startups at every phase, this course is for people of all skill levels.

Chapter 1: What is cash flow?


Key concepts

  • The basics of cash flow
  • Understanding inflows and outflows


Est. time to complete: 6 min.

Chapter 2: Why is cash flow important?


Key concepts

  • Seasonal cash fluctuations
  • Cash buffer days
  • Managing upturns and downturns


Est. time to complete: 6 min.

Chapter 3: Maximize cash in


Key concepts

  • Revenue streams
  • Effective pricing
  • Collecting on sales


Est. time to complete: 12 min.

Chapter 4: Know your competition


Key concepts

  • Analyzing competitors
  • Differentiating your business
  • Your business’s value


Est. time to complete: 9 min.

Chapter 5: Segment your customers


Key concepts

  • The four types of customers
  • Finding your dream customer
  • Customer segment overlap


Est. time to complete: 8 min.

Chapter 6: Minimize cash out


Key concepts

  • Evaluating suppliers
  • Strategic approaches to inventory
  • Building efficient teams
  • Using space wisely


Est. time to complete: 5 min.

Chapter 7: Analyze vendor relationships


Key concepts

  • Determining the value of vendors
  • Managing vendor expenses


Est. time to complete: 20 min.

Chapter 8: Map your business cash flow


Key concepts

  • Fluctuations in inflows and outflows
  • Balancing cash flow through the year


Est. time to complete: 15 min.

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