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Chase Customer Insights


A business intelligence platform with analytics you can use to better reach customers and manage your bottom line.


Exclusively available when you use Chase Payment Solutions℠ for credit card processing.


Open a merchant account

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Simple, actionable analytics to help you make better business decisions

See how Chase Customer Insights can help you reach customers more effectively.

Boost your sales with our analytics


Keep an eye on your sales


Track daily card sales and historical trends, including for new and repeat customers


Get to know your customers


Understand your customers’ demographics and distance from your business


Learn how your customers shop


Explore customer purchasing habits, including spend, purchase time and channel


Gain insights on similar businesses


See how customers shop with similar businesses in your industry and location

Free business reporting, just one click away online

No additional setup or fees required

  • Customer Insights is provided at no additional cost to clients who use Chase Payment Solutions for payment processing
  • Simply sign in to your Chase Business Online account to access Customer Insights whenever you need it

A powerful business intelligence platform at your fingertips

Reach your customers more effectively

Use customer demographics and purchasing patterns to improve your marketing and sales funnel


Make better strategic decisions

See how your customers shop with similar businesses so you can make your offerings and marketing more competitive


Run your business more efficiently

Learn when your customers shop and in what channels so you can make more efficient decisions about your operations and investments


Determine if it’s time to grow

Monitor your sales, new and repeat customers, and how far they are willing to travel to decide if your business is ready to expand

Unparalleled business intelligence to take that next step


Intuitive online business reports quickly bring you up to speed on your card sales and customer shopping behaviors and compares them to other businesses in your industry.


Robust customer insights


Deep dive into demographics and purchasing trends with data from Chase,
the #1 payment processing provider and issuer in the U.S.


Smart peer benchmarking


Understand how your customers shop with similar businesses and competitors in your market.


Free reporting


Accept credit card payments with Chase to get these analytic reports at no additional cost. Sign in to Chase Business Online to review your insights anytime, anywhere.

5 simple ways to boost sales with Chase Customer Insights

Learn more about this easy to use business intelligence tool available at no extra cost when you accept credit card payments with Chase.

To sign up for Chase Payment Solutions call Sales at 1-877-843-5690

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