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Retailer Meredith Jaye uses
Chase Customer Insights to gain efficiencies and grow sales

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    About Meredith Jaye Boutique

    A true family business, the Meredith Jaye boutique takes its name from the daughters of husband and wife owners, Cullen and Kim Fuller, who chose a combination of their middle names as the namesake of the brand. For 22 years, the boutique has been a go-to destination for fashion-forward shoppers with a vast selection of clothing, accessories and home decor pieces. From timeless classics to trendy must-haves, Meredith Jaye has something for every style and occasion.


    The Challenge

    Having banked with Chase for years, Cullen moved the boutique’s payment processing services to Chase. “We had our personal accounts with Chase and wanted to align it with the business.” As a growing business, Meredith Jaye also had a need for affordable customer analytics, which are not readily available to small businesses.


    The results from using Chase Customer Insights

    Not only was Cullen pleased with the care and service received when he switched to Chase Payment Solutions℠, but the analytics and reporting provided by Chase Customer Insights was a game changer. As Cullen explained, Meredith Jaye locations compete with national brands and the business intelligence tool provides analytics that are typically only available to much larger firms. The power of this free business intelligence tool helps Cullen better compete. Chase Customer Insights provides key analytics on sales performance, when and how customers shop and enables efficient management of every major revenue and cost category including, pricing, marketing, product mix and labor scheduling.

    “I’m raising my price points, getting more sales per square foot, I’m lessening my labor load.”


    Cullen Fuller

    Cullen described the customer data platform as an “absolute godsend,” crediting Chase Customer Insights also made him a better business owner, allowing the business to run more efficiently as it expands. “It has completely aligned marketing, buying and labor scheduling and put a quantitative backstop to all of those functions.”

    The insights and recommendations provided by Chase Customer Insights positively impacted Meredith Jaye with real-time allocation of resources. For instance, by understanding store traffic patterns, the boutique was better able to allocate staffing and save 20% on weekly payroll.

    “I’m getting data that would essentially cost me thousands of dollars to obtain elsewhere. It makes more money, drives positive margins and is free.”


    Cullen Fuller

    Cullen Fuller of Meredith Jaye uses Chase Customer Insights


    Customer Story

    Transforming a dream into a local staple is no small feat. It takes passion, hard work and a touch of magic to turn an idea into a thriving reality. Meredith Jaye was inspired during a ski vacation to Telluride, Colorado.

    While exploring the town, Kim and Cullen Fuller stumbled upon a quaint children’s boutique and decided to buy what Cullen described as a “guilt gift.” Inspired by the colorful look and feel of the boutique, Kim explained, “If I had a store, this is the kind of vibe I would be looking for.”

    While the Fullers had limited knowledge of building a retail store, their vision and Kim’s prior retail experience helped propel them forward, and within 5 months, their first location opened. Now 22 years later, Meredith Jaye has become a staple in Chicago with multiple locations.


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