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The total package

This packaging supplier helps companies deliver on their sustainability values — to one doorstep at a time.

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    Boxes. Bags. Mailers. Labels. Stickers. Paper. Tape. In the vast tapestry of sustainable business practices, an often-overlooked thread is the humble yet indispensable world of packaging. Companies worldwide are making Herculean efforts to go green. However, when it comes to packaging their offerings in planet-friendly parcels, the options aren't as plentiful as they'd prefer.

    Enter EcoEnclose. These innovative entrepreneurs behind this company are delivering more than packaging. They're providing a sustainable solution in a box — literally.

    Saloni Doshi and Kyle Wente didn't stumble upon EcoEnclose; they sought it out. They were determined to find and acquire a business that echoed their deep-seated respect for the environment. Seven years ago, their search culminated in Colorado, a state famed for its breathtaking landscapes and adventurous outdoors lifestyle.

    As environmental enthusiasts, they were ready to gamble with failure to stay true to their mission. That risk proved to be the cornerstone of success.

    "We were willing to fail. And because of that, we got there," Wente says in a testament to the power of aligning business with personal values.


    One-stop shipping for sustainable brands

    "We think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for eCommerce brands of all sizes," Wente says. "And we try to supply everything they need to get their product from the warehouse to customer doorsteps." Doshi adds, "We cater to brands that are focused on sustainability." Brands that partner with EcoEnclose are mindful of their own environmental footprints. Whether sourcing organic cotton for garments or clean ingredients for products, these companies want their first touchpoint with customers to carry that message. The goal? Packaging that is a tangible example of their company values.


    Packaging with a past

    As individuals, our personal history is part of what gives us meaning. The same goes for every product EcoEnclose creates.

    Yes, EcoEnclose uses materials that can be recycled. But the company goes further, using materials that have already been recycled. So, much of its packaging was packaging before.

    "We envision a world five, 10, 15 years from now, where every time something is packaged, it's made with something that was packaging in its previous life," Doshi says. "A world where packaging does not have a detrimental impact on the planet — where it might have a positive impact."


    Regenerative, not just renewable

    EcoEnclose's mission transcends sales. It aims to leave the planet in a better state. The focus isn't merely on renewable materials but on regenerative practices that actively enhance the environment.

    "Our mission is to make the world a better place in terms of sustainability and the environment," Wente says. It's a mission that goes beyond packaging and shipping supplies. So EcoEnclose has begun advising customers on their products and sustainable business choices.

    "We call our customers our eco allies," Doshi says. "And now we have this family of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 eco allies, and we can collectively make the concept of eCommerce a regenerative force for society."


    Their wish is our command

    Events of the past few years have spurred an increase in online shopping, leading to significant growth in EcoEnclose's business. This sudden surge in demand has brought its share of challenges.

    The growth of EcoEnclose was almost too rapid to sustain. From hiring to operations support and supply chain challenges, the company was stretched thin as business boomed. "And we were running out of space," Wente adds.

    Securing a new warehouse amid explosive growth posed a serious challenge. "At that time, banks were hesitant to loan. We spoke with several, and to be honest, we weren't getting the support we needed," Wente says. "There were a lot of moving parts that needed to come together perfectly. We needed the right partner — someone who would listen and work with us, despite knowing that we weren't certain how it was going to play out."

    EcoEnclose found that partner in Chase.


    It's personal

    "I think what's awesome about Chase is that you get the service and attention that you would expect to see from a community bank," Doshi says. "But above it all, you've got the infrastructure and services of a multinational bank. The Chase bankers we worked with got to know our business, got to know us, and they worked with us to make it work."

    Chase has been there every step of the way through EcoEnclose's growth, including during the complex warehouse acquisition process.


    Big values, big growth

    What started as a small venture with a 2,500-square-foot warehouse and four employees has grown into a thriving business employing over 55 people and managing a warehouse of 40,000 square feet. Commitment to their values, their team, their community and their clients continues to guide every business decision.

    When asked if he ever anticipated such success, Wente answers with a grin, "We did believe it."

    "When we started EcoEnclose, we had a vision to grow it, and I feel grateful for what's occurred so far," he adds. "Because when we talk about our mission, growth is how we make a difference and a positive impact."


    Up next: Time for waste

    While the last few years have been a whirlwind of activity and growth, EcoEnclose isn't resting on its laurels.

    Doshi lights up when talking about what's on the horizon. "We're excited about next-gen fibers, the concept of creating paper from agricultural waste rather than trees," she says. "We need to preserve our forests, and we also have a lot of agricultural waste with the potential for high-value output if we turn it into packaging."

    For the companies EcoEnclose serves, next-gen fibers represent another way they can differentiate their deliveries and tap into the rising demand for values-driven consumption. With continued investment in innovations, the future of EcoEnclose is shining bright — and sustainably.

    Visit Why Chase to learn more about how Chase for Business is supporting the growth of small business owners like Saloni Doshi and Kyle Wente every day with business resources, our vast network of local branches and personalized customer service at every step.