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Navigate government contracts


Find out how your business could become a preferred vendor for the federal government.


4–20 min. per chapter


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What this course covers


  • Why federal agencies are required to contract with small and disadvantaged businesses
  • The seven federal supplier diversity programs you might qualify for
  • How to find contracting opportunities and submit a strong application
  • The pros and cons of working as a government contractor




  • Find your opportunities worksheet
  • Contracting program eligibility quiz
  • Local supplier diversity programs worksheet
  • Identify your ideal customer worksheet

Course outline


Interested in contracting with the government but not sure where to start? This course will help you navigate government resources and find your next opportunity. Learn about federal supplier diversity programs, where to dig for contracts and how to streamline your approach. Put your knowledge into practice with tools that allow you to apply what you learn to your own business.


Designed for business owners who are ready to expand, this course is best for people with some previous knowledge about supplier diversity. Check out the Supplier Diversity intro course before you begin.

Key concepts

  • Understanding government contracting
  • Federal supplier diversity programs


Key terms

  • Government contracting
  • Competitive set-aside contracts
  • Sole-source set-aside contracts

Est. time to complete: 4 min.

Key concepts

  • Criteria needed to qualify for government contracting programs
  • Important differences among popular contracting programs


Key terms

  • Small business
  • Socially disadvantaged
  • Economically disadvantaged


Est. time to complete: 9 min.

Key concepts

  • How to find government contracts
  • Sub-contracting opportunities
  • Marketing your business to the government


Key terms

  • Federal Procurement Data System
  • Sub-contracting


Est. time to complete: 10–20 min.

Key concepts

  • City, county, regional and state supplier diversity programs
  • How to find local programs


Est. time to complete: 6 min.

Key concepts

  • Characteristics of your preferred clients
  • The pros and cons of government contracting


Est. time to complete: 17 min.

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