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How to help protect your business from fraud


Together, we can help keep your business secure.


"Anything that helps save time and gives us peace of mind is something we appreciate very much."


Jessica Hauser

Executive Director, Downtown Boxing Gym

Chase for Business customer

Here are some ways you can help identify and prevent fraud:


1. Consider digital payment options


Payment methods that reveal your bank information can leave your account vulnerable. Chase offers other ways to do business, including Online Bill Pay , ACH Payment Services  and Wires.


2. Sign up for account alerts 


Account alerts help you monitor your finances by notifying you the moment something is amiss.


3. Review your account details quarterly


Verify access levels, and make sure contact information for yourself and your account managers is up-to-date. Take time to review recurring payments for accuracy. 


4. Enroll in an additional layer of security 


Our complimentary Fraud Protection Services  help you safeguard your business by allowing you to verify checks and ACH before your account is debited, so you can stop fraud in its tracks. 


5. Share our resources with your employees


Visit our Knowledge Center and review our Helpful Tip Library to stay informed and take steps to help protect you and your business.