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Send your payoff funds

How to send your mortgage payoff

Wire transfers

To have your payoff applied on the same day, have your financial institution send your wire transfer before 6 PM ET (Monday through Friday) using these instructions:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Account number: 323553729
ABA routing number: 021000021
Account name: Chase Payoff Wire Account
Attn: Payoff Processing
Your name
Your mortgage account number
Your property address
Your closing agent’s contact information (if applicable)

Overnight mail using a check or money order

To have your mortgage payoff applied on the next day, mail a personal check, cashier’s check or money order by FedEx, UPS, DHL or Priority Mail Express to:

Attn: Payoff Processing
Mail Code LA4-6455
700 Kansas Lane
Monroe, LA 71203

Include the following information with your check or money order:    

Your name
Your mortgage account number

Checks and money orders must be issued within the United States and in U.S. Currency. Payoffs made with international checks will not be accepted.

Please make sure you include the account number with your payment. Providing the correct account number will help avoid delays in releasing your collateral or paying off another account.

Local bank branch

You can pay off your mortgage with a check, or directly from your Chase account. Bring your payoff statement to your local branch, or our branch staff can order one for you.  The cutoff for same day processing is 8 PM Eastern time. Find the closest branch and hours.

Important note for FHA loans originated between August 2, 1985 and January 21, 2015. Please ensure your payoff funds are received by the first business day of the month, otherwise an additional month’s interest will be charged per Federal FHA guidelines.