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How to request a payoff quote

How to request a payoff quote

You’ll need to request a free payoff quote to find out the remaining balance on your mortgage loan. The quote will include your outstanding principal balance, accrued interest, late charges/fees and any other amounts. Your local recording or land records office may charge you a recording cost, which would also appear on your payoff statement. Since interest accrues daily, your payoff amount will most likely be different than the principal balance shown on your monthly statement or at 

Immediately know your payoff amount in one of two ways

  1. Sign in to and request a quote.
  2. Call our 24-hour automated service dedicated to payoff quotes at 1-877-505-2894. Please have your loan number and Social Security number ready.

You’ll choose your good-through date up to 30 days. Then you’ll choose to receive your quote by fax or mail.

Understand your good-through date

The good-through date on your quote is the day your payoff must be received to pay off your loan. If you don’t pay off your mortgage by that date, you’ll need to request an updated quote and send the payoff by this new good-through date.

Continue to make payments

You should keep sending payments until your payoff amount is posted. Please don’t place a “stop payment” on any pending payments or checks mailed to us before the payoff because it could affect your payoff amount. We may report payments we receive more than 29 days after the due date as late to the credit reporting agencies.

I'm currently set up on automatic payments

If you’re enrolled in our automatic payment service, please don’t cancel it unless you plan to pay off your loan using another method. We’ll continue to withdraw your payments until your principal balance reaches zero or your loan reaches maturity. However, automatic payments don't cover all loan balances. Please refer to your payoff quote for your total amount due. Your automatic payment service will be canceled once your account is paid in full.

Understand the payoff process for an FHA insured loan

If you have an FHA loan that originated between August 2, 1985 and January 21, 2015, we’ll accept your payoff funds anytime. However, if you submit your payoff on a day other than on the first day of the month, you will be required to pay interest to the first day of the month following the date payoff funds are received. It is to your advantage to ensure we receive payoff funds as close to the end of the month as possible, but no later than the first business day of the month.

Authorization to release information to a third party

If you're authorizing a third party to obtain information on your account, sign in to and contact us through the Secure Message Center to provide authorization. You can also download the Authorization to Furnish and Release Information form (PDF) and mail or fax to the address listed.