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Compare cities

City vs. City

Explore similar homes in different places

Get your scorecards ready for City vs. City, where Ryan Serhant pits two different cities against each other and compares the cost of similar homes in each place. Watch all 10 rounds and see how we can help you buy a home in your winning location.

NYC vs. L.A.

City vs City NYC vs LA videoOpens Overlay

Who will win in this classic East vs. West rivalry? Catch a glimpse of our most iconic big cities and see what each has to offer.

Miami vs. Las Vegas pt. 1

City vs City Miami vs Las Vegas videoOpens Overlay

Let's compare two warm-weather destinations. One's known for its beaches, the other for its neon lights.

Miami vs. Las Vegas pt. 2

City vs City Miami vs Las Vegas 2 videoOpens Overlay

These cities are so vibrant, they needed a sequel. Keep watching for help choosing a winner.

Phoenix vs. Dallas

City vs City Phoenix vs Dallas videoOpens Overlay

The competition's heating up thanks to these fast-growing Southwest cities. View homes in each to see which you prefer.

Atlanta vs. Baltimore

City vs City Atlanta vs Baltimore videoOpens Overlay

It's a foodie-city showdown. Are you team BBQ or blue crab? Watch to get a taste of these diverse cities.

Chicago vs. Seattle

City vs City Chicago vs Seattle videoOpens Overlay

Peruse the famous architecture of Chicago, then see how it stacks up against a condo in lively Seattle.

Austin vs. Washington, D.C.

City vs City Austin vs Washington DC videoOpens Overlay

Keep watching for Ryan's take on these two buzzing culture capitals with their own unique flair.

Tampa vs. Houston

City vs City Tampa vs Houston videoOpens Overlay

We're heading down South for a closer look at these sunny cities. Hot tip: both offer a lot of home for your money.

Riverside vs. Salt Lake City

City vs City Riverside vs Salt Lake City videoOpens Overlay

Can't get enough of the outdoors? These cities should be on your radar. Both offer stunning views and thrilling activities.

San Diego vs. Denver

City vs City San Diego videoOpens Overlay

Our final episode features two more dream cities for health-concious outdoor lovers. There's just one tough choice to make — beach or mountains?

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