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Make the most of your home's equity | Home Equity |

Make the most of your home's equity

Sign in to use your existing home equity line of credit and make your next big plan.

It’s time to finance what’s important.

You can use your home equity to pay for home improvements, handle home maintenance expenses, simplify your finances, cover tuition payments and more.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access my Chase home equity line of credit?


We make accessing your line of credit easy. You can:

  • Sign in above and easily transfer cash to your checking or savings account.
  • Call 1-800-836-5656 or visit your nearest branch.
  • Use your line of credit checks to draw money from your account, if your account includes check access.

Can I use a home equity line of credit to pay off balances from other accounts?


Yes, you can use funds from your line of credit to pay off other balances. Or we can combine those other balances into your line of credit—returning your other balances to zero—and you’ll make one monthly payment.

Am I able to lock in a fixed rate while I have my home equity line of credit?


Yes, the Chase Fixed-Rate LockSM Option allows you to lock in an interest rate on all or a portion of your outstanding balance during your draw period. If you want a fixed monthly payment amount for major purchases, this option lets you set up a regular payment schedule, while maintaining easy access to your remaining line of credit funds.


Contact us or go here to learn more about the Chase Fixed-Rate Lock Option.

What are my payment options?


How is my monthly home equity line of credit payment calculated? When is it due?

  • During the draw period, which is the period of time you’re allowed to use your line of credit, your minimum monthly payment is calculated one of the following ways:

If your application date was before June 4, 2017 then your payment will be either,

Interest only—payment of the accrued monthly interest or,

Standard payment—the greater of: (a) 1% of the unpaid principal balance of the Credit Line; (b) accrued monthly interest; or (c) $100.00*

If your application date was after June 4, 2017 then,

The payment will be the greater of: (a) .25% of the unpaid principal balance of the Credit Line, plus the accrued monthly interest; or (b) $100.

*Important: Review your contract or monthly statement to verify your payment type.  Some non-Chase originated accounts have different payment calculation methods, please check your contract for details.

  • During the repayment, which is the period of time after the draw period when you’re repaying the outstanding balance, your monthly payment will be a combination of principal and interest.

For your convenience, we can automatically deduct your monthly payments from your checking account.

Why is my interest rate variable and how does it affect my monthly payments?


Depending on the terms of your credit agreement, the interest rate on your line may be variable and subject to the prime rate. Whenever the prime rate increases or decreases, your interest payment will increase or decrease, which will impact your monthly payment.


The Prime Rate Index is published daily by the Wall Street Journal.  Interest begins to accrue as soon as you draw funds from your HELOC.

Can I make additional principal payments to pay off my home equity line of credit early?


Yes, you may make additional principal payments online, in person at any Chase branch, or by mail using the payment coupon attached to your monthly statement.

What are my payment options when I begin my repayment period?


When you begin your repayment period, you can choose to:

  • Continue making your monthly payments. No action is required on your part for this change to happen. You’ll see your new payment amount on your monthly statements. You can also pay off the outstanding balance at any time.
  • If you meet current credit criteria, you may qualify to refinance your outstanding balance into a new home equity line of credit or mortgage loan.

Contact us or go here before your draw period ends to find the best option for you.