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Want to know how much credit your home equity can give you? Is now a good time to consolidate your debts? Use our online tools and calculators to help refine your financial plan. Just enter your own assumptions to create a personalized estimate in seconds!

Underlined text in the calculators indicates links to help with specific entry fields. If you don't know what the tool is asking for, try the help links first. If you still have questions, contact a Chase representative.


How much potential credit can you get with a Chase Home Equity Line of Credit?

When you use the Line of Credit Calculator above, you’ll enter your home's appraised value, how much you owe on your current mortgage, and up to four possible loan-to-value (LTV) ratios to get an idea of the potential Chase Home Equity Line of Credit available to you.  Note this is an estimate only.

Your loan-to-value ratio will help determine how much equity you qualify for using your home. To calculate your LTV, divide the mortgage loan amount by the fair market value of the home. For example, a mortgage loan of $150,000 on a home that is appraised at $200,000 has an LTV of 75%.


Should you consolidate your debts with a Chase Home Equity Line of Credit?

You’ll enter information about your current debts, from payments to balances and interest rates.  Then enter the expected interest rate, closing costs and state and federal tax rates to determine your new monthly payment.


How much will your home equity line of credit payment be?

You’ll enter your loan amount, interest rate, number of months until payoff, and state and federal tax rate. You can also incorporate predicted interest rate changes into your calculations.


How can you determine the tax benefits of using a home equity line of credit?

Our tax savings calculator shows the estimated tax savings of your home equity line of credit. Enter information about your line of credit and the calculator will show you how much you may save.


What’s the estimated market value on your current home or the home you want?

We estimate your home value based on information from a variety of sources, including property records, ownership deeds, recent home sales reports and mortgage records. This data is refreshed on an on-going basis to keep values up-to-date and reliable.