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Chase Autosave for Business


Support and frequently asked questions

It’s automatic transfers from your Chase checking account to your Chase savings account, . You choose how much money to transfer and when you want to transfer it-whether that’s daily, on a schedule or whenever you get a deposit.

Autosave is only available with Chase Business Complete Banking℠ and an eligible business savings account — either Chase Business Total Savings℠ or Chase Business Premier Savings℠.


The Autosave feature for Business Banking clients isn't currently available on the Chase App, but you can use it on a desktop computer or through a browser on mobile devices.

  1. Sign in on Chase Business Online
  2. From the "Plan, Track & Manage Account" tile on the right hand side, choose Autosave
  3. Set a goal, create a rule and watch your savings grow

There are no additional fees to use this feature.

They’re savings goals you want to reach through Autosave. You can choose from 3 different types of goals: safety net, custom goal and general savings.


If you know how much you want to save, you can set up a safety net or custom goal.


If you’d rather grow your savings without aiming for a specific amount, that’s a goal too.  You can make automatic transfers directly into your savings account-just choose the general savings goal.


Your safety net is meant to cover you for a few months in case of unexpected events.  It’s a good idea to save a least a few months of your expenses, but start off with what feels comfortable to you and your business.


A custom goal is anything you want to save for-from purchasing a new piece of equipment to opening a new location to setting aside money for taxes.  You can personalize your goal by giving it a name and adding a tag.

Once you’ve set up goals, you can track your progress on the Autosave dashboard. From there, you can also manage your goals and create new ones.


When you complete a goal and withdraw all your money from it, it'll no longer appear on your dashboard. If you complete a goal but don’t withdraw all your money from it, it'll remain on your dashboard.

In total up to 50 goals. If you have a safety net, you can also have up to 7 custom goals. The remaining 42 goals can be general savings.


If you don’t have a safety net, you can have up to 8 custom goals. The remaining 42 goals can be general savings.


If you reach the max number of goals, you can delete one to make room for another.

It depends on how you’ve set them up. There are a few options:


On a schedule:

Automatic transfers will start the next day or date you’ve chosen. For example, if you set up automatic transfers on Wednesday, January 1, for every Wednesday, then they’ll start the following Wednesday, January 8.


On a daily basis:

Automatic transfers will start the next day.


By deposit:

Automatic transfers will start one business day after a qualifying deposit posts to your checking account. Qualifying deposits include direct deposits, ACH deposits, and cash or check deposits made at Chase ATMs, branch locations and through the Chase Mobile® app using Chase QuickDeposit℠. Internal transfers to your checking account aren't qualifying deposits.


The cutoff time for online transfers between Chase accounts is 11 PM ET. For example, if it’s past 11 PM and you schedule a transfer for the next day, it won’t start until the next scheduled transfer date.

Daily transfers happen 7 days a week.


On weekends, money will be debited from your checking account’s available balance and credited to your savings account’s available balance, but the transfers will show as pending until the next business day.

If your automatic transfers are schedule to start or fall on a holiday, they’ll happen the next business day.

For safety net and custom goals, automatic transfers will stop when you reach your target amount.


For general savings goals, it depends on how you set it up. Automatic transfers will either stop on a specific date, or when you pause or delete the goal (whatever you chose when setting up the goal.)


Don’t forget that you can always pause a goal’s automatic transfers-just go to "Goal details."

You can set a minimum account balance for Autosave. That means we’ll pause all automatic transfers if your checking account balance drops below this amount.


Our default minimum balance is $250, but you can set it as low as $50. Automatic transfers also won’t happen if they would bring your account balance below $0.

On, you can access Autosave as long as you have at least one unhidden savings account.  If you hide your checking or savings account after setting up a goal, your automatic transfers will keep going-but you won’t be able to set up any new goals with those hidden accounts.

There is no limit to the number of transfers or withdrawals you can make from a Chase Business savings account each statement period.

The Autosave terms and conditions are part of our Transfers agreement, which is something all Chase customers have to agree to in order to use Autosave. You can find it in the Internal Transfers section of the Transfers Agreement (PDF).

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