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12 tips to promote your business

Understand the leading strategies for promoting businesses and decide which ones are right for you. Presented by Chase for Business.

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    You need to get the word out about your products and services, but what's the best way to promote your business? Fortunately, you have options. In addition to tried-and-true business promotion methods, the rise of social media has created an abundance of new marketing opportunities. It's now easier and more affordable than ever to advertise. Learn more about how to promote your business with these digital marketing and social media tips.


    1. Take advantage of local listings

    Register your business with Google — it's the new yellow pages. It allows potential customers to find your company's location and hours of operation easily. Customers can also post reviews of your business. By setting up a Google My Business account, you can make your company more visible in online searches, extending your reach with a free form of advertising.


    2. Use social media

    Over time, social media has become less of a nice-to-have and more of a business necessity. These platforms allow you to actively inform, attract and engage with your followers. Best of all, it is completely free to set up a business account on most social media sites, making it one of the more affordable ways to advertise your business. Creating paid posts and other forms of social media ads will still require an investment, however. 


    3. Create engaging content

    Content is the key to spreading brand awareness and connecting with your target audience. By creating engaging and informative content, whether through a blog, video tutorials or infographics, you can show your industry expertise and build trust with your audience.


    4. Optimize your website's SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website show up higher in Google search rankings. Using relevant keywords throughout your business's web pages and blog posts increases the chance of users finding your site when they search online for businesses like yours. SEO involves much more than keyword usage, though, so it's helpful to do some research online or find a book that outlines how to prime your site's performance on search engines. You might also consider hiring an SEO agency to help optimize your website.


    5. Create press releases

    Any time your business does something notable or newsworthy, draft a press release to send to your local news outlets. These publications actively look for interesting stories and often use press releases to create articles. When they do, it gives your business free publicity and distribution, allowing you to reach a much broader audience.


    6. Get involved in an online community

    One of the best ways to promote your business is to join an industry-specific online community. Focus on building connections with the members by actively contributing to conversations. You can build a reputation in your field by posting comments on relevant blogs and even offering to write guest posts. This will not only expand your network but can also help boost your and your business's credibility.


    7. Use high-quality visuals

    Visuals are key. Investing in high-quality visual content for your site and social media is a must. Many users rely on images to decide whom to follow and which posts to engage with. Consider including photos or videos of your products, services, facilities or staff.


    8. Pay for advertising

    If you're looking to expand your reach more quickly, buying ad space can help. Some of the most popular paid advertising methods are:

    • Television and radio ads: This traditional form of advertising costs more money but has a wider reach than other methods. 
    • Promoted social media posts: You can pay to turn one of your business's social media posts into an ad. This method allows you to choose a target audience, region and length of time you'd like to run the ad.
    • Pay-per-click ads: Using this model, you pay a fee anytime someone clicks on your ad. Search engines like Google offer this service in which your ad appears at the top of a results page for keywords you've selected.


    9. Participate in local and community events

    If you operate as a local business, attending events — virtually and in person — where your target audience will likely be is a great way to network. Meet fellow business owners and prospective customers while promoting your business up close and personal. 


    10. Set up at trade shows

    Trade shows bring together buyers and sellers from niche industries, giving you access to real leads. Though setting up at a trade show can be costly, many businesses experience a significant return on investment. Collect contact information while you're at the show to inform your email marketing efforts after the event.


    11. Host a workshop or webinar

    Teaching can help you gain exposure and position yourself as an authority in your field. Consider hosting workshops and presentations online or in person, particularly if your business involves specialized skills or technical information. You'll provide valuable knowledge for prospective customers, make contacts in your industry and get a chance to collect contact information from attendees.


    12. Offer a discounted or free product/service

    Introductory discounts and free trials draw new customers by offering incentives for their interest. You can also encourage referrals by offering customers deals that they can share. On the other hand, free samples and trials give prospective customers the chance to try your product or service without a financial commitment. This builds trust and allows your work to speak for itself. 

    Invest in your dream and promote your business. Though each of these tips can be effective on its own, combining them can be even more powerful. Speak with a business banking expert to learn how a business banking account can help your business reach its full potential.


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