Trade Financing

Global solutions for international trade

Our International Banking Representatives will help you gain a full understanding of your company’s global trade needs and tap into our global network and capabilities. Wherever you do business, Chase is there to assist you.


Commercial (Import) Letters of Credit

Pay for goods shipped in domestic and international trade with domestic or foreign sellers.

Use these letters to buy from new and more competitive suppliers so you can negotiate better prices.

Substitute our credit standing for yours and assure exporters we’ll pay them as long as they:

  • Ship you the specified goods
  • Present specified documents that conform with the letter of credit terms

Standby/Performance Letters of Credit

Give a third party the right to draw funds from your account. At your request, we’ll authorize it, as long as the third party presents documents that comply with the terms and conditions in the credit.

A standby letter of credit protects the third party from any losses it would incur if your company were to fail to perform some obligation. These credits frequently are used with:

  • Lease payments to a landlord
  • Payments for unpaid invoices
  • Monetary performance under a contractor project


Use us as an agent to help collect payments from overseas buyers. These non-credit-use trade settlements make sure your payment instructions are satisfied by allowing you and your buyers to take advantage of one another’s trade expertise, communications capabilities and existing global banking relationships.

All Trade Documentary Collections documentation must be sent to following address:

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
131 South Dearborn, 5th floor
Mail Code IL1-0236
Chicago, IL 60603-5506
United States

JPMorgan will not be held responsible for any damages or losses that you may suffer if documents are not sent to the above address.
Please contact Global Trade Client Service team at 1-800-634-1969 if you have any questions.


To apply, please visit your local Chase branch.