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Quick guide to new mortgage statements

Chase statements make it simple to find what you need.

Important information

An example account with the “Statement date” and “Explanation of amount due” sections featured.

1. A summary of your statement shows your most important information:

  • Last payment received and date
  • Next payment amount due and date
  • Enrollment in Automatic Payments and date of your scheduled payment

2. Just below the summary section is a more detailed explanation of your amount due to help keep you informed.

Helpful alerts

An example account with an array of alerts such as “Happy Anniversary,” “Go paperless, It’s easy,” and “Avoid late fees” featured.

These customized snapshots help you get the most from your account and keep you informed about:

  • Tax and escrow statements
  • Progress on paying down your principal balance
  • Tips on how to make convenient payments and avoid late fees

Ways to pay and resources

An example account with the “Ways to pay,” “Resources,” and “Additional payments” sections featured.

A brief list of all the convenient ways you can pay your mortgage is shown. You’ll also find:

  1. Links and phone numbers for making a payment and resources you can use to get answers to your questions.
  2. Space to easily make additional payments on your principal – paying down your mortgage sooner – or toward additional escrow to avoid a shortage.

Transaction activity and contact information

An example account with the “Transaction activity” and “Contact information” sections featured.

1. Transaction activity

Get a quick summary of each transaction on your mortgage account including the date, amount and a brief description of the transaction. It’s a fast and easy way to stay in the know.

2. Contact information

If you need to reach us, everything you need is gathered in one convenient place:

  • Web URLs
  • Mail addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax numbers

Automatic payments

An example account with the “Automatic payment enrollment form” featured.

This is where you will find the form to enroll in Automatic Payments or modify your existing set-up.

  • Schedule your payment and avoid the hassle of writing a check or mail delays
  • Never worry about forgetting to make your payment
  • Enroll in Alerts that notify you before your automatic payment is about to be paid

See easy-to-read Chase statements on for up to seven years.