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Learning the basics of escrow with Chase

Taxes and insurance

See your escrow account

Understanding Escrow

If your annual escrow analysis resulted in a payment change, we're here to help.

Here's what you can expect:

  • If you have a shortage, we'll automatically spread it out over the next 12 months, or you can pay all or part of it now.
  • If you've been impacted by COVID-19 and need help with your payments, please go to

We’re here to help you understand escrow

Home Lending video. What's an escrow account and how can you manage it on Opens Overlay
Escrow Overview
  • What is escrow?
  • How do I manage my account?
Home Lending video. Learn about your escrow analysis and your options on Overlay
Your Escrow Statement
  • How do I read my statement?
  • What are my options to balance my account?

Answers to your most common questions

What's an escrow account?
What's an escrow analysis?
What's an escrow shortage or surplus?
What is mortgage insurance?

Receiving your escrow analysis

This report details how much we’ll collect for taxes and insurance.

Every year, we review your escrow account to make sure we’re collecting the correct amount for your property taxes and homeowners insurance. This annual escrow analysis also tells you whether your account will have a shortage or surplus.

Here’s when we’ll send your escrow analysis based on the address where the property is located. It’s usually mailed the third week of the month.

States A-H
  • Alabama — December
  • Alaska — June
  • Arizona — November
  • Arkansas — October
  • California — April
  • Colorado — March
  • Connecticut — August
  • Delaware — October
  • D.C. — September
  • Florida — January
  • Georgia — December
  • Hawaii — August
States I-M
  • Idaho — June
  • Illinois — August
  • Indiana — June
  • Iowa — February
  • Kansas — June
  • Kentucky — June
  • Louisiana — July
  • Maine — September
  • Maryland — December
  • Massachusetts — May
  • Michigan — August
  • Minnesota — October
  • Mississippi — June
  • Missouri — January
  • Montana — June
States N-P
  • Nebraska — September
  • Nevada — September
  • New Hampshire — July
  • New Jersey — October
  • New Mexico — May
  • New York — May
  • North Carolina — March
  • North Dakota — February
  • Ohio — July
  • Oklahoma — March
  • Oregon — November
  • Pennsylvania — September
  • Puerto Rico — August
States R-W
  • Rhode Island — July
  • South Carolina — July
  • South Dakota — November
  • Tennessee — February
  • Texas — February
  • Utah — March
  • Vermont — June
  • Virginia — September
  • Virgin Islands — August
  • Washington — June
  • West Virginia — September
  • Wisconsin — March
  • Wyoming — May
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