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Learning the basics of escrow with Chase

Taxes and insurance

See your escrow account

Chase Escrow videoOpens Overlay

We’re here to help you understand escrow

Here are two ways to learn how escrow works: watch the video explaining what escrow is and how to manage it, and use the illustrations below to learn how escrow affects your monthly payment.

Answers to your most common questions

What's an escrow account?
What's an escrow analysis?
What's an escrow shortage or surplus?
What is mortgage insurance?

Receiving your escrow analysis

This report details how much we’ll collect for taxes and insurance.

Every year, we review your escrow account to make sure we’re collecting the correct amount for your property taxes and homeowners insurance. This annual escrow analysis also tells you whether your account will have a shortage or surplus.

Here’s when we’ll send your escrow analysis based on the address where the property is located. It’s usually mailed the third week of the month.

Alabama — December
Alaska — June
Arizona — November
Arkansas — October
California — April
Colorado — March
Connecticut — August
Delaware — October
D.C. — September
Florida — January
Georgia — December
Hawaii — August
Idaho — June
Illinois — August

Indiana — June
Iowa — February
Kansas — June
Kentucky — June
Louisiana — July
Maine — September
Maryland — December
Massachusetts — May
Michigan — August
Minnesota — October
Mississippi — June
Missouri — January
Montana — June

Nebraska — September
Nevada — September
New Hampshire — July
New Jersey — October
New Mexico — May
New York — May
North Carolina — March
North Dakota — February
Ohio — July
Oklahoma — March
Oregon — November
Pennsylvania — September
Puerto Rico — August

Rhode Island — July
South Carolina — July
South Dakota — November
Tennessee — February
Texas — February
Utah — March
Vermont — June
Virginia — September
Virgin Islands — August
Washington — June
West Virginia — September
Wisconsin — March
Wyoming — May