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Podcasts for first time homebuyers

Beginner to Buyer

Learn and build confidence in your homebuying journey with our experts


Homeownership: Why it matters

Learn about the history and significance of homeownership in the United States — and gain an understanding of why knowledge is power during the entire homebuying process. 

Are you ready for homeownership?

The process of buying a home begins well before you go to your first open house. Get started here by examining your personal readiness for homeownership. 

How much can you afford? 

So you're ready to buy a house! The next step is learning about the true costs and de-mystifying the financial process so you can figure out just how much house you can afford. 

The mortgage

Qualifying for and signing a mortgage loan is a daunting process; this advice from a home lending advisor can help ensure a happy outcome. 

Signing with an agent

Your real estate agent is the key player on your homebuying team. Here, Nadeska brings in an experienced agent to discuss how to assemble an all-around winning team.

Finding your dream home 

Drew and Jonathan Scott offer expert advice on how to know when you find your dream home.

EP 7: Making the offer!

You've found the perfect house — now how do you make an offer that will seal the deal? Nadeska sits down with an expert to gather tips navigating the market.

EP 8: Offer accepted! Now what?

It can feel crushing to learn your offer wasn't accepted, but this episode offers advice and tips about how to move on... to a successful next offer. 

EP 9: Let's close the deal

You've made it through your search. You've made an offer, and it was accepted. That's great! Now it's time of the closing process. 

EP10: Congratulations, you're a homeowner!

The buying process takes so much focus and energy, homeowners might be left with their keys asking, "now what"? This episode covers what happens financially—and emotionally—after your purchase. 

Take the first step and get prequalified for a mortgage

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